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Southern Company CEO Tom Fanning to Chamber crowd: Economy is slowing and its under attack

Americans are sitting out on pricey vacations because of personal debt and a slowing economy

China’s central bank unveiled a key interest rate reform on Saturday to help steer borrowing costs lower for companies and support a slowing economy that has been hurt by a trade war with the United States

In this #ThoughtLeaders  piece, economist JC Punongbayan explains how the Philippine economy is "slowing down alarmingly," contrary to the rosy picture that the economic managers so proudly paint.

Will be on @BBCRadio4  at lunchtime tmrw talking about the slowing global economy and what is happening in the UK economy which is already likely to be in recession. and my fears that there is no credible government to deal with it

My one quibble with @crampell  who has been great on economy is fed has played a big part in the slowing. FOMC raised rates based on no real world data but relied on models which have been terrible, overestimated NAIRU & failed to spot GR. In my view all 9 increases in error

15 ways to understand India’s economy slowing down

From FM Sitharaman announcing that talks are on with PMO to revive the slowing economy to a slowdown in the auto industry, here are the top business headlines #TopNews  #Headlines 

Crippled by debt and signs of a slowing economy, Americans are sitting out on pricey vacations

Trump's re-election now at the mercy of a slowing economy via @Middletownpress 


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#Germany becomes the sick man of Europe again. GDP shrinks by 0.1% in Q2, slowing growth in the whole Eurozone. As the German economy is on recession course, the discussion about economic stimulus programs will become louder. via @welt 

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BREAKING: Trump says "I personally think the Fed should drop rates" because they are slowing down the economy and instead of "quantitative tightening it should actually now be quantitative easing"

Bush inherited a slowing economy and responded with tax cuts, high spending and deregulation. The result? A boom, then a bust leading to the worst recession since the Great Depression. Don't be surprised if Trump's economy ends up the same via

Jerome Powell told 60 Minutes that the only potential risks he sees facing the U.S. economy are slowing economies in Europe and Asia. Record Federal, state, corporate, and personal debts do not concern him at all. He is also not worried about the housing or auto markets. Crazy!

The Tories’ shambolic handling of Brexit plus years of austerity is the perfect storm: Poverty is up Food bank usage is up The economy is slowing But the richest get richer Only Labour will deliver for the many. #PMQs 

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Demonetisation was a massive, draconian, monetary shock that hurt Indian economy, said Arvind SubramanianGrowth had been slowing even before, but after demonetisation, the slide worsened, he added

The Federal Reserve is being cheered by some for slowing down the economy because Main Street is getting too healthy. Created by Big Banks to protect the uber wealthy the Fed used trillions to save banks so this current path of destruction will help push America toward socialism.

President ’s regulatory reform is truly historic: This Administration isn't just slowing the growth of regulations, but actually reversing government overreach and using it to unleash the American economy.

China is slowing down. Brazil is struggling. Russia is headed into a recession. But India's economy is surging ahead.