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Highest youth unemployment.

South Africa: 527%
Greece: 38%
Nigeria: 36%
Spain: 34%
Italy: 31%
Morocco: 27%
Iran: 28%
Algeria: 26%
Serbia: 25%
Croatia: 23%
Albania: 23%
Turkey: 22%
France: 21%
Cyprus: 19%
Sri Lanka: 19%
Portugal: 19%
Slovakia: 18%
A BMW lifted off the ground before crashing in eastern Slovakia. Despite the dramatic wreck, the 44-year-old driver suffered only bruises.
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Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Holland, Slovakia, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden
Today I interviewed 87-year-old Milan Hucko in Slovakia. I wouldn’t be alive without him. When he was 14, he and his family decided to hide my grandfather, a stranger, during the Holocaust.
Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Holland, Slovakia, South Africa & Switzerland get it in a few hrs ! #5SOSTHEALBUM
The fact that Jaguar Land Rover is expanding in Slovakia makes a mockery of both Brexiters' claim that the sackings here have nothing to do with Brexit *and* Jeremy Corbyn's argument about state aid.
While I was in Brazil, I met with Hungarian PM Viktor Orban and expressed my appreciation for his strong support in international forums in Europe. We also discussed a visit to Israel by the Visegrad Group (Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia) heads of government.
Nuclear reactors under construction, 2019.

China: 13
India: 7
South Korea: 5
Russia: 4
UAE: 4
Bangladesh: 2
Belarus: 2
Japan: 2
Pakistan: 2
Slovakia: 2
US: 2
Argentina: 1
Finland: 1
France: 1
Turkey: 1
UK: 1

(World Nuclear Association)
Blimey - Jaguar Land Rover has shifted all production of its Land Rover Discovery to Slovakia originally was to be also produced in Solihull... Corbyn raised it to PM at G7 questions
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