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"I compose post after post about her — her adorable idiosyncrasies, mundane memories of her googling recipes with her reading specs nestled into the slope of her nose — because I do not want her to die, even though she is already dead." @RVoronaCote 

New from ... episode 1 of our new music podcast ‘On Shuffle’ w/ ... this one covers Post Malone’s recent success and Spotify’s slippery slope.

BP trying to get leaking oil well under control on Alaska’s North Slope - The Washington Post

The Slope of False Hope. NEW POST on moving averages and the mythical powers of the slope. $SPX

#SaudiArabia's post-oil plan enters slippery slope

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Saudi Arabia's post-oil plan enters slippery slope

Avoid post-vacation confusion at work by "parking on a downhill slope" with a thorough note:

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@RyanReid3 : @GazGShore  why do you post bets like this? you drive a Ferrari lol” bet for fun.. Betting big is a slippery slope