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The Times essentially offers a Neo-Confederate view that the South really won the Civil War and minimizes or undermines the cost white people paid to free slaves. It is unfortunate and corrupts the whole project.

'Ali (RA) reported that the last words of the Prophet (pbuh) were: "The prayer! The prayer! Fear Allah concerning your slaves!" (Al-Mufrad)

2019 marks 400 years since the 1st recorded arrival of African slaves to the U.S. We explored the dark history of Ghana's coast castles, where Africans were held before being shipped off to a life of slavery

New York Times 'reframe American history' project hugely ambitious. You thought founding was Declaration, Constitution? No. NYT says 'true founding' was 1619, when first slaves arrived. Creating curriculum for schools.

Southern aristocrats wanted armed militias mainly to control their slaves — so they wanted language in the new nation's constitution protecting that right

Descendants of slaves near Charleston want more than a reparations check: They want America to face its past. Many African Americans in this part of South Carolina support reparations, but they also want others to grasp the painful history they live with.

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Democrats in Congress and running for the White House are taking a fresh look at reparations for the descendants of slaves, as the party wrestles with addressing inequality.


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Outside the Oval Office, I kept a painting of a small crowd huddled around a pocketwatch, waiting for the moment the Emancipation Proclamation took effect. On Juneteenth, we celebrate the anniversary of that news - freedom - reaching slaves in Texas. And something more:

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BREAKING: Pope Francis has confirmed reports that nuns have suffered and are still suffering sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic priests and bishops, and even being held as sexual slaves

In today’s materialistic world there is a risk of people becoming slaves to money, as though they were simply cogs in a huge money-making machine. This does nothing for human dignity, freedom, and genuine well-being. Wealth should serve humanity, and not the other way around.

WATCH: Felix dela Torre, owner of sunken PH boat by Chinese fishing ship, says he feels like Filipinos have turned into "slaves" and "lost our rights in our own territory." | via @rambotalabong 

Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren't free but I'm sure they enjoyed fireworks

There is no point urging Pelosi & Democratic Left to “do the right thing.” This would be like asking the Democrats of the 1850s to give up their slaves. They won’t hear of it! We have to find a way to MAKE them do the right thing

so today Trump followed Roseanne racism furor by pardoning guy who: --said of Obama "you can take the boy out of the ghetto" --ridiculed Michelle Obama as "affirmative action" Princeton student --said slavery wasn't racist, slaves were treated "pretty well" --mocked Rosa Parks

Limiting options for both birth control and abortion turns women into slaves of reproduction. This is fucking war.

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America was great when black people were slaves, according to Roy Moore. (PS: many Black people have long known that this is what MAGA meant all along.)

What kind of further “compromise” should President Lincoln have offered states that wanted to continue owning, raping, slaughtering slaves?