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Welcome SKYNET, @DJIGlobal  releases the Robomaster S1 learning kit - you too can build and program your own robot at home

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The most practical concern for AI isn’t Skynet killing us all, or a monolithic automated panopticon (that works). It’s snake oil and incompetence. We won’t get HAL 9000, but we will get people building junk and selling it to customers who say “It’s AI! It can never be wrong!”

#WorldSpaceWeek kicks off today and we'll be highlighting some of our recent space-related announcements. Earlier this month @BWallaceMP  announced the first step towards upgrading the UK’s satellite communication system, SKYNET#wsw2019  READ MORE:

With most new tech, the people closest to it are the most excited and people further away are skeptical. Machine learning/AI is the opposite. People who aren’t close say ‘OMG this is Skynet/singularity!’ but the people who are deep into it say ‘well, it works OK, I guess’

#NowOnNC5 : Beautiful sunset taking place over Columbia, TN from our Skynet 5 site. I`ve got the latest on this record heat, & if rain is in our future o @NC5  right now. Join us! WATCH LIVE---> #TNwx  #KYwx 

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Battle Skynet's machines in the Future War. Terminator: Resistance comes to PS4 December 3. Watch the announcement trailer:

Skynet is coming. And it's going to manipulate video with deep fakes and take over acrobatic robot bodies and use drones to menace the populace. Probably. Soccer is good, though.

‘Terminator: Resistance’ will pit you against Skynet this December

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@sarahoconnor_ Guys. I don't know what skynet is. And I wouldn't follow me - I tweet really boring stuff about unit wage costs and the like.

@sarahoconnor_ Sigh. I've never even watched the films. Now my feed is full of people tweeting me about skynet.

Is your account sending DMs/Tweets without yr involvement? Not Skynet; you're phished. Follow these steps: .

Putin Calls For Strategic Alliance with Skynet "Together, men and machines can defeat the West."

WiFi to the whole world, 1st launch late this year. I wonder if the name 'Skynet' is taken? (Getty Images)

The greatest trick Skynet ever pulled was calling itself Pokemon GO

Microsoft confirms $8.5B Skype purchase & plans to call new service Microsoft Skype Network, or "MS Skynet" for short.