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When kids don't move all day, they don't sleep well at night. #sitless  #movemore 

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Get in the habit of drinking more water at work! It makes it harder to stay seated for hours on end...for obvious reasons. #SitLess 

Here are 4 ways parents can help their kids move more and live longer! #movemore  #sitless 

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Going outside leads to more steps, more heart-pumping activity, and less time spent sitting. #movemore  #sitless 

Employees who get 150 minutes of heart pumping activity each week are more productive, focused, and creative. #sitless  #movemore 

More research showing that getting up and moving often is crucial to preventing disease and living longer. #sitless 

10 ways to nudge everyone in your office to #movemore  and #sitless  during the workday

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Mostly because you’re probably not in the office. #sitless  #movemore 

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Sitting doesn’t seem as bad as smoking, but the negative health effects are nearly the same. #SitLess  #LiveLonger 

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Inactivity is now the fourth leading cause of death worldwide, responsible for over 3.2 million deaths each year. #movemore  #sitless 

Kids who get 60 min of heart-pumping physical activity are less stressed, happier and sleep better. #movemore  #sitless 

In 2009, it was estimated that inactivity cost the Canadian economy $6.8 billion. We need to #movemore  and #sitless 

Kids who get 60 min of heart-pumping activity every day are stronger and happier, less stressed and have more fun. #movemore  #sitless 

Research has shown that even if you're active otherwise, sitting all day is terrible for your health. #sitless 

Kids who get 60 min of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity are less stressed, sleep better, and are happier. #movemore  #sitless 

"Prescribing exercise should be an integral and important part of the work physicians do." #movemore  #sitless 

New study confirms that sitting too much and moving too little can accelerate aging. #MoveMore  #SitLess