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Siri, please remind me to put this @DeAndreHopkins  catch on repeat all day 🔂 #TrueView 

Spotify now works with Siri on the Apple Watch

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Former titlist Orlando Salido to donate his deputy salary during coronavirus pandemic @siri_salido 

Shades of HAL... This was just a test. I tried asking Siri to tell me what was wrong when I described classic COVID-19 symptoms. Then I asked for consolation.

Siri can't tell me if the pasta water is boiling yet. I mean what good is technology really?

Apple Snatches AI Startup to Smarten Siri

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Apple's latest acquisition should help Siri to understand you better


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Siri, who is still the President of the United States of America?” WAIT FOR IT....? @realDonaldTrump  @TPUSA  #SAS2019 

Michael using Siri to text for the first time.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the future is here. I present to you: Siri A. Smith.

Siri can now record police interactions when you get pulled over

Tokyo ! What a place this is! Siri told me yesterday that 13 million people live in this city! Love it so much here, the food is impeccable!

siri when is the music video for Flex (All In My Head) by @FifthHarmony  featuring @fettywap  coming out

If you’re wondering what Siri looks like

My friend Siri doesn't seem to know much about Canada. :(

Does anyone remember that old Disney channel movie with the house that was controlled by a Siri??? we r literally living in that movie now