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Honouring of wounded PLA mine sweeper triggers poignant memories for Sino-Vietnamese war veterans

Honouring of wounded PLA mine sweeper moves Sino-Vietnamese war vets

Sino-Vietnamese war a lingering wound for China’s forgotten soldiers

Most underappreciated wars (in America) in modern history: 1. The Taiping Rebellion 2. The Imjin War (+ the fall of the Ming Dynasty) 3. The Iran-Iraq War 4. The Russo-Japanese War 5. The Sino-Vietnamese War (1979) 6. The Paraguayan War 7. The Second Congo War

Sino-Vietnamese War: Deepened the Sino-Soviet split, ended what was left of global communist solidarity, and hastened the end of the Cold War. Checked Chinese expansionism.

War of the Dragons: Why North Korea Does Not Trust China - The legacy of the Sino-Vietnamese War continues to c...