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@NancyPelosi  Behind the veneer of fairness/openness, Democrats have denied Republicans the right to call a single fact witness or properly question Democrats’ cherry-picked witnesses in so-called ‘open hearings.’ #ampFW 

2/ A single incident (Blasey-Ford) might conceivably have been remembered differently or not remembered at all. Not likely but possible. The only potential additional witness had an obvious reason to lie. But these other cases have multiple witnesses. He repeatedly perjured ...

Mark Warner this AM wouldn’t single out Don Jr by name but his message was clear: “With every witness, we've said we reserve the right to bring them back. Witnesses have agreed with that. Matter of fact, we've had other Trump family members come back to our committee,” he told us

ALSO FACT: Ford has no witnesses or evidence. No person, including her best friend who was allegedly at the party, remembers this happening. Not one single witness corroborates her story ALSO FACT: Kavanaugh denies all of it. No accuser has evidence or witnesses against him

Connell wants to call a single witness this week on his motion to later compel other witnesses without mentioning who's on his witness list.

Anyone else notice that Zuckerberg wasn’t sworn it? rules typically swear in their witnesses, specially if its a single witness hearing.

Richard says the approach used by police and lawyers can influence witnesses and witness testimony. "A single word in a question can lead people to remember the event differently..." #InsightSBS