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Singers who almost lost their voice permanently

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Davóne Tines, who describes himself on his Instagram account as “young, gifted and Black,” is among the most compelling classically trained singers working in America today. Here's how he is confronting racism with his music

The singers changed the lyrics to "Baby, It's Cold Outside" to make it less creepy.

The colorful spectacle included performer-laden floats traveling along a track on the ceiling and singers and dancers performing on a two-story, floor-level stage, as well as audience members trying to catch beads tossed by performers

😜We love it when singers decide to let loose a little and have some fun!

Singers Who Have Fell On Stage(via @PopCrush )

"...her own earnestness would lead her to emulate the singers of deepest feeling: those capable of not only conveying the meaning of a song’s lyrics but also crystallizing emotions beyond words." @FredGoodman  @UTexasPress 

On @checkupcbc , guests @SharonandBram , the legendary children's entertainers, recall the time they avoided a possibly unfortunate rhyming incident while playing The Name Game song. The song involves the singers rhyming a name with other words.

Pink receives a People’s Choice Award for the singer’s humanitarian work

“Hate bundled with so-called faith has become par for the course today,” said T.M. Krishna, one of India’s most renowned traditional singers. “The masks are off, and what we are seeing should deeply worry us.”


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Suddenly just...missed Yashji. Maybe it’s the singers cap?

Korean singers Jisoo and Lucas Wong were just a few of the stars at @Burberry 's #LFW  show

[UCC] #BTS ’ Jungkook is included in the top 30 most popular Popsingers in the US

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Madhura is one of the most interesting singers we found in recent times...versatile with a traditionalist soul.

@Luke5SOS you have the least tweets and the most followers -.- fuck lead singers haha

Went to @TheO2  tonight to watch my wonderful friend @MichaelBuble  .Michael is the greatest guy I know without doubt and one of the most talented singers of our generation. Love ya dude . X

It's a holiday for the #BTSARMY ! 😭👏 We're celebrating 's pure ray of sunshine and one of the most talented singers around. 💜 Happy , ARMYs! #JungkookDay 

Korean singers and K-pop acts get drawn into Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics! EXO and CL are set to perform at the closing ceremony

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For 'Bohemian Rhapsody,' Rami Malek deeply immersed himself in the role of a man who knows nothing about Bryan Singer’s pedophilia allegations.

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My entire life was molded by women. My mom, my grandma, singers, actors, comedians, teachers, and whatever Paris Hilton does. Thank you women for everything you’ve done! Happy#InternationalWomensDay !