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Arizona is such a Great State but it needs Border Security which will provide, and Krysten Sinema doesn’t even think about. If it were up to Sinema - drugs, crime and illegal traffic will be flowing into Arizona at an ever increasing pace. Vote for Martha!
BREAKING: Democrat Kyrsten Sinema wins election to U.S. Senate from Arizona. #APracecall at 5:41 p.m. MST. election coverage: #Election2018 #AZelection
AZ Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema being told "Watch your ass", by fellow Dem for applauding American success under Trump Administration.
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I’ve never seen the media totally ignore someone’s actual positions to make them seem moderate like they’re doing for Sinema. Don’t fall do it #AZ!

Vote and let’s keep the winning going.

Trump Jr․ rips media over Kyrsten Sinema coverage
Breaking: Democrat Kyrsten Sinema takes slight lead over Republican Martha McSally in the close race for Senate in Arizona.
Pretty sure Arizonans don’t want someone who feels this way about them representing them in DC.

Arizona Senate hopeful Sinema implied state produced 'crazy' in 2011 speech.
Breaking News: Kyrsten Sinema won her Arizona Senate race. It marks the first Democratic victory since 1976 in a battle for an open Senate seat in the state.
Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, sworn in today, is the first out bi senator in US history, and only the second out LGBT member of the Senate, following Sen. Tammy Baldwin.
Arizona Isn’t “Crazy” — Kyrsten Sinema Is. and the media has done nothing but cover for her. Vote for ⁦ and let’s keep the winning going⁩! sen #az #azsen
The Associated Press projects that Democrat Kyrsten Sinema has defeated Republican Martha McSally, flipping the seat held by Republicans Jeff Flake. Sinema is the first Democrat Arizona has elected to the Senate since 1988.
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