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Student Problems
it s been 8 years since high school musical 2 premiered on disney channel on august 17 2007 hsm10 hsmreunion
It's been 8 YEARS since High School Musical 2 premiered on Disney Channel on August 17, 2007! #HSM10 #HSMReunion
Joey Graceffa
i really wanna go to disney world this year i haven t been since i was a kid
I really wanna go to Disney WORLD this year! I haven't been since I was a kid!
Jon Erlichman
on this day in 2009 disney buys marvel for 4 billion disneys marvel films have since generated 17 billion at b
On this day in 2009: Disney buys Marvel for $4 billion

Disney’s Marvel films have since generated $17 billion at box office
has won an oscar is the first non disney film to win the best animated feature since 2012 rango
#SpiderMan has won an Oscar!
#IntoTheSpiderVerse is the first non-Disney film to win the Best Animated Feature #Oscars since 2012 (Rango)
Keith Olbermann
very proud of a man i ve worked for five separate times and known since 1979 disney s bob iger on las vegas
Very proud of a man I've worked for five separate times, and known since 1979, Disney's Bob Iger, on Las Vegas:
Seth MacFarlane
rt tuesdayswimguy wait since star wars was sold to disney does that mean no more family guy usage of it alas i
RT @TuesdaySwimGuy: WAIT! Since Star Wars was sold to Disney, does that mean no more family guy usage of it? // Alas, I'd bet money on it.
Tyler Oakley
it s been days since i saw the new disney movie frozen and i still have the music stuck in my head so good see
It's been days since I saw the new Disney movie, "Frozen" - and I still have the music stuck in my head. So good. See it.
Jon Erlichman
price disney paid for lucasfilm 4 billion box office for 3 movies since deal 39 billion minimum of expected up
Price Disney paid
for Lucasfilm: $4 billion

Box Office for 3
movies since deal: $3.9 billion

Minimum # of expected
upcoming Star Wars films: 7
Ashley Benson
quiz which disney princess are you come on you know you ve been wondering since you
QUIZ: Which Disney princess are you? (come on... you know you've been wondering since you...
Breitbart News
the splc is to hate what rolling stone is to rape it is the biggest peddler of fantasies since walt disney
"The SPLC is to 'hate' what Rolling Stone is to rape. It is the biggest peddler of fantasies since Walt Disney."
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