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"We must remove all barriers to education. We must ensure, at a minimum, universal access to basic education for every child, everywhere. We simply cannot fail our children." -- @UN_PGA  at #unescoGC  in Paris.

After a fire destroyed its previous location, Simply Mac, an Apple partner store offering products, service and training will be opening in a new location on Friday.

Being able to clearly and simply tell the story of what Trump did wrong — and why it rises to the level of impeachable offenses — is crucial for Democrats, Illinois Rep. Mike Quigley said.

"For me, horses simply are the most magnificent animals on this planet. They are very aesthetic, strong but also gentle."

Not all heroes wear capes. Some simply wear a uniform every day. 💙 #boston25  #ManchesterNH 

From pretending to be John Lennon in front of a mirror to being the frontman of Simply Red — singer Mick Hucknall on his childhood ambitions, inspirations and feeling ‘politically homeless’

“The scale of clean energy produced by nuclear is simply unmatched,” said Maria Korsnick, NEI president and CEO. It's clear to see we need #nuclear  in our future. #cleanenergy  #nuclearpowerpower 

@Jme47196473  @actionjack2000T  @DankSquidhat  is @juliahARK  a @ARKInvestf  @Invitaeraction  of what Gia can do. A huge portion of it will be to reduce friction from doctors and clinicians. This is a scale acquisition. Faster, easier, better. Not world changing, but simply must be a piece of the process to hit scale of millions a year.

Simply because pugs lend themselves to humiliation more doesn’t make them better. Still...

Before you get comfortable selling on social media, I'd recommend to simply change your mindset about selling altogether. Here's how to sell without selling in social media.

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Sometimes the past should remain in the past. No beef. No ill will. All love. Simply, life has moved on. But the memories will be forever cherished

4 years !! It's so cliche to say but it simply would not have been possible without every single one of our fans ! You have been incredible!

@real_liam_payne @louis_tomlinson  @zaynmalik  @harry_styles  we simply have the best fans in the world boys! Without a doubt!

On Memorial Day, we remember all those who gave everything for something greater than themselves. It's up to us to not simply reflect on their sacrifice but to honor it with service of our own—and by living out the values they fought for.

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Mueller was asked, “Did you actually totally exonerate the president?" He responded simply, “No,” and said, “The president was not exculpated.” When asked if it was true Trump could be charged when he leaves office, Mueller responded simply, “True.” That’s pretty clear cut.

My team is full of talented, smart professional women. I find it wrong that they are reduced to being linked to me romantically in the press just for simply standing next to me. Isn’t it time we treat women with a bit more respect?

Steve Irwin would have been 57 today. His #ThisIsSportsCenter  commercial is simply one of the best.

Melbourne simply wooooooooowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing show huge

For the record,I insisted contractually I would never earn a penny from DRFC. I simply wanted to help club& community.Still hoping I can

Simply the funniest story I've read to date clearly the person who wrote this has never experienced friendly banter in their life