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This Silicon Valley 'computer philosopher' says you need to delete your social media.

Jaron Lanier argues we are hooked through a scheme of rewards and punishments - making us 'cranky' and 'jittery' and modifying our behaviour.
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'Silicon Valley' season 5 trailer incorporates @BTS_twt's "Mic Drop"
Watch the 'Silicon Valley' season 5 trailer, featuring @BTS_twt's "Mic Drop"
Google Assistant making calls pretending to be human not only without disclosing that it's a bot, but adding "ummm" and "aaah" to deceive the human on the other end with the room cheering it... horrifying. Silicon Valley is ethically lost, rudderless and has not learned a thing.
Facebook has put The Gateway Pundit at the top of its feed today. Google News promoted a 4chan thread. Silicon Valley, we have a problem.
So many Silicon Valley startups are about dudes wanting to replicate mom: carpooling, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, bodegas
Silicon Valley right now feels like Wall Street circa early 2007 .

“I assure you we are entirely in command of the the machine we have built and there is absolutely no way it can cause any kind of cataclysm. We’ve run the numbers and we are sure.”
So Silicon Valley libs jump to protect their Hollywood liberal buddies by silencing the voices that would challenge them. 👍
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