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Facebook has put The Gateway Pundit at the top of its feed today. Google News promoted a 4chan thread. Silicon Valley, we have a problem.
So Silicon Valley libs jump to protect their Hollywood liberal buddies by silencing the voices that would challenge them. 👍
This is the year of the woman. From Fox, to SIlicon Valley, to Hollywood. We may have the lost the election, but it raised sleeping lions.
So many Silicon Valley startups are about dudes wanting to replicate mom: carpooling, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, bodegas
Truly stunning to watch Silicon Valley's credibility collapse in real time.
'The next billion' Internet users will use voice and video, not typing. Silicon Valley is rushing to respond
I wish these Silicon Valley basic income lovers would lift a finger to defend food stamps, disability insurance, and Medicaid.
From 'The Beautiful Universe' to 'Silicon Valley,' explore science through our many podcasts. Details:
Move over Silicon Valley, here comes Sweden. Read more:
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Good thing Elon Musk is African, otherwise Silicon Valley might have a diversity problem.
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