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I wish these Silicon Valley basic income lovers would lift a finger to defend food stamps, disability insurance, and Medicaid.
Here's how Silicon Valley became an almost $3 trillion neighborhood
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'The next billion' Internet users will use voice and video, not typing. Silicon Valley is rushing to respond
Companies hiring from bottom 4 fields (e.g. Silicon Valley) beware of bias police. What about companies hiring from top 4? Are they biased?
Good thing Elon Musk is African, otherwise Silicon Valley might have a diversity problem.
From 'The Beautiful Universe' to 'Silicon Valley,' explore science through our many podcasts. Details:
Titled "Why Japan is No Silicon Valley", I believe its full of opportunity. Segment on #entrepreneur scene in #Japan.
Silicon Valley vs. Wall Street, in one paragraph.
Silicon Valley CEO Explains How The Future Of Tech Is Him Being Fabulously Wealthy And Having A Blast
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