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From the Dark Ages to Silicon Valley, the ice knows all.

In Uganda, this app can tell your doctor if you have malaria. “Silicon Valley develops technology that fits that environment; we want to find solutions that can fit our environment.”

How tech firms like Uber hide behind the ‘platform defense’: If you insist that drivers aren’t key to your business, apparently you end up making some bizarre U-turns. There is a reason that some people call Silicon Valley a font of cruelty

The inglorious demise of Joi ItoJeffrey Epstein's tech networker who seduced Silicon Valley

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Pentagon’s Former Top Hacker Wants His Startup to Inject Some Silicon Valley into the Defense Industry | @DefTechPat 

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From the Silicon Valley must-reads to the tech that’s sweeping Washington, POLITICO’s Morning Tech by @Ali_Lev  brings you all of the latest news in technology politics and policy. Check it out!

How Silicon Valley Maintains its Competitive Edge

interesting piece here; epstein's alleged ties to israeli intelligence is the rumor that wont go away; Silicon Valley chief distancing himself from Epstein via @12mgray 

A recent meeting between U.S. and Silicon Valley officials on how best to protect the 2020 election didn’t go entirely as planned

Silicon Valley’s Naatak stages “Gandhi” — a musical — on eve of 150th birthday

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"My question to you is, is this what you want? Is this how you want history to remember you? As the handmaidens to authoritarianism?" Watch as calls out the "gods of Silicon Valley" for being on the wrong side of history: #TED2019 

Things you're allow talk about regarding how DC works: ✅ NRA influence ✅ Saudi money ✅ Wall St & Silicon Valley donors ✅ Big pharma lobbyists ✅ Fossil fuel industry propaganda ✅ Russian meddling ❌ AIPAC lobby & pro-Israel donors

These Nigerian girls won a Silicon Valley contest with their app that detects fake medication

EXCLUSIVE: Hundreds of pages of internal Facebook documents reveal how the company shared and traded data with other Silicon Valley giants—without telling its users.

So many Silicon Valley startups are about dudes wanting to replicate mom: carpooling, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, bodegas

Heading to Silicon Valley soon to pitch my new app: GoFundMe for things like teachers’ supplies and people’s healthcare expenses, but really done at scale. Thinking of calling it Government.

'Silicon Valley' season 5 trailer incorporates @BTS_twt 's "Mic Drop"

Watch the 'Silicon Valley' season 5 trailer, featuring @BTS_twt 's "Mic Drop"

Facebook has put The Gateway Pundit at the top of its feed today. Google News promoted a 4chan thread. Silicon Valley, we have a problem.