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India’s chaotic cities turn eerily silent

Share these graphics to let people all over the world know about the five minutes of silent prayer/meditation time every Sunday.

Yo @chrishansen  you’ve been silent all day since I agreed to the Monday interview at 6pm PST (Or same time tomorrow works too) - Y’all gonna email me anytime confirming it is LIVE for everyone to see? No editing anything out? Let’s do this homeboi ~

When you drive around this city and go to local stadiums, you can see the marketing footprint of hospitals. Their ad budgets are BIG. It seems they have been silent in the campaign to get masks and equipment, leaving healthcare workers and the state to make the effort. 1/

Lombardy region, is the epicentre of the epidemic in #Italy . A day after the first case was reported, 28 more cases were confirmed, confirming the silent spread of the #virus  in the community

As stages fall silent, the moment for Australian theatre streaming has arrived. I talk to @AusTheatreLIVE  about their plans beyond FREE streams of Emerald City, Dapto Chaser, Away, Liberty Equality Fraternity and Rumplestiltskin (via their Facebook page):

"80M+ Americans are in some form of lockdown… cities that're usually bustling with activity have begun to look deserted. Drone operators've captured scenes of empty parks, vacant stadiums, & silent streets—videos that can only be described as surreal."

Mar 28, 1920 - The silent film "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", starring John Barrymore, is released to US cinemas #100yearsago 

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Silent spreaders: Doctors say loss of smell is a symptom of coronavirus infection

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I've been talking to animals for years now...And they finally started talking back. Does this mean I was getting the silent treatment? Watch the trailer for #DolittleMovie  in theaters January 2020 and ❤ this Tweet to get updates from @drdolittle  every month until opening day.

let's be clear: - abortion is a right - abortion is legal - abortion is YOUR decision stand with me, the @ACLU , and the abortion providers fighting on the front lines. none of us can be silent. #stopthebans 

When you think your fart will be silent and it's not

Consider this MY warning: We won’t be silent. We will speak out. And we WILL persist.

“I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Sometimes we must interfere.” - Elie Wiesel

@RepRatcliffe  asked the two “star” witnesses, “where is the impeachable event in that call?” Both stared straight ahead with a blank look on their face, remained silent, & were unable to answer the question. That would be the end of a case run by normal people! - but not Shifty!

The President likening human beings to animals is despicable. I've seen this playbook before, words weaponized into bloodshed. His sneering rhetoric must be denounced. All who remain silent stand on the side of an insidious and dangerous scapegoating of our fellow human beings.

I will not be silent about a nominee for AG who has made derogatory & racist comments that have no place in our justice system.

Years from now, when your child is denied health care bc of his illness and you are facing bankruptcy, you'll regret being silent this week.

Dear , You're eerily silent about the 16 teenagers who were shot today at Marshall County High School in Kentucky. NRA took your phone? Signed, America