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These Russian mechanics are making Mad Max-style vehicles to drive in the ice and snow of Siberia's wilderness. Part of the process involves shooting the cars with guns for that authentic look.

The effects of rising temperatures are felt around the world. Large and intense fires 🔥 burned in Alaska and Siberia and across Australia this year.

Rescuers in St Petersburg & some other cities/towns in 'European' Russia call divers to assist at upcoming Epiphany (19 Jan) because they fear ice is too thin. East of the Urals we seem to be doing ok. Pix from past Epiphany days in Siberia/Far East of Russia

Aircraft engine catches fire before takeoff at airport in western Siberia - video

January playgrounds in Siberia r ever so inviting:) today’s early afternoon in Novosibirsk

On this frigid Wednesday in January, Abbotsford and Chilliwack looked and felt more like Siberia. @ctv_stjohn  reports.

BREAKING: 1 killed, 1 injured after gunman opens fire inside magistrates' court in Russia’s Siberia

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A 45-year-old male opened fire at a court in Siberia, killing a bailiff and injuring a female lawyer.

A cat in Siberia has become the second animal in the world to be successfully outfitted with four bionic prosthetic legs more than a year after losing her paws to severe frostbite, her veterinarian says

10) To state the obvious, the data represents more than merely numbers. Scientists say this sharp warming is helping fuel wildfires from Australia to California, melt permafrost from Alaska to Siberia and contribute to more intense storms and floods.


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Corbyn adviser Andrew Murray argues there’s “no evidence” that in the 30s the Soviets were "an imperialist power brutal in foreign conduct." Given they invaded Poland, imprisoned my grandad, shot his friends & deported my Dad to Siberia I beg to differ.

Toxic snow is covering the streets in Siberia. We need to quit coal, like yesterday. #keepitintheground 

Siberia is warming so fast that the land is just collapsing: people thrown out of work now search the melting permafrost for woolly mammoth tusks

Siberia, Indonesia, Brazil, Greenland, The Canary Islands, Alaska. Forests around the world are on fire🔥🔥🔥 This is a #ClimateEmergency . RT If you agree.

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Siberia, one of the coldest places on Earth, is on fire. The Amazon, one of the wettest places on Earth, is on fire. Fires are burning across the planet, we need to act fast. This is not normal, this is a #ClimateEmergency . #ForestsAreLife 

A cloud of smoke and soot bigger than the European Union is now billowing across Siberia as wildfires rage into an unprecedented third month.

Scientists have discovered a remarkable human who lived in Siberia 90,000 years ago. Her mother was a Neanderthal, and her father was a Denisovan. Here’s my story on our emerging view of human hybrids:

Of all the crazy heat we're seeing around the world right now, the 90+ temps in Siberia may be the weirdest and most damaging. "Permafrost" may turn out to be a fateful misnomer.

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Just to be clear what it meant to my family. The confiscation of their property, years in hard labour camp for my grandfather, exile to the edges of Siberia for my Dad (aged 10) and my grandmother. Never going home again. All this happened because of October 1917.