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This shutdown was completely avoidable. Now, hundreds of thousands of federal employees will go without a paycheck over the holidays as @realDonaldTrump throws another temper tantrum over his stupid wall. Republicans’ latest attempt to divide and distract us.
The shutdown is diversion. Latest report: Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, he received 10 personal updates from Cohen, and encouraged meeting with Putin. If true, impeachment soon begins.
The Puerto Rico travesty belongs at the forefront of our attention and at the top of Trump’s political epitaph. This week, we learned that he wanted to withhold every penny of relief from the island. The shutdown is actually making that happen. My latest.
The volunteers feeding thousands of unpaid federal workers during the longest US government shutdown in history

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McConnell had largely been a bystander in the shutdown. But his mind changed when Pelosi asked Trump to delay SOTU — and McConnell got on the phone with POTUS to begin strategizing for this latest move, w/ @katiezez @DavidNakamura
Rep. Adam Schiff tells @FaceTheNation that President Trump's latest offer on immigration won't go anywhere: "It was, I think, an effort to prop up the president's sagging poll numbers. But it did nothing to get us closer to ending the shutdown"
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.@GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy joined me to discuss the latest on the government shutdown & border wall.
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In Florida’s deeply conservative Panhandle, federal prison workers were already struggling after Hurricane Michael. Then came the government shutdown. My latest from Marianna, Fla.:
A majority of Americans hold President Trump and congressional Republicans mainly responsible for the government shutdown, new @ABC News/WaPo poll finds. Just 29% blame congressional Democrats.

@GStephanopoulos has the latest on @ThisWeekABC #ThisWeek
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