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President Trump Shrink Says Twitter Rants Make it Clear He's ... Extreme Narcissist, No Impulse Control What do you think is going on?

Home sales will drop, the housing shortage could become the worst in U.S. history, and home values will shrink in some cities.

ICYMI: @lizzo  is “not going to shrink” herself because somebody thinks that she’s not sexy

The only way the Fed can truly normalize is to shrink its footprint and end its experimental programs.

"After years inside the room as decisions are made, the U.K. will be outside, seeking to influence them. The EU’s institutions are permeable to outside influence, but Britain’s sway will shrink immeasurably." Me and @laurnorman  on what now. via @WSJ 

It’s traditionally been an area of Quebec that’s hostile to immigration. But as Beauce’s small towns shrink and die, welcoming new Canadians may be their only chance at survival. @renegadereports  @bigstorypodcastoins  today.

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#ExpressBiz | November exports shrink 0.34% amid pressure on manufacturing

Half of all South Koreans now live in the greater Seoul area as the countryside empties out. By 2050, the population will shrink to about 44 million. From then on, the nation will shed more than 600,000 people a year

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There was LOTS of stupidity in Afghanistan. LOTS of waste. I recall an Afghan Army command post in Jalalabad with flat screen televisions, air conditioning and fancy, shrink-wrapped treadmills. Talk about a metaphor.


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Brutal. I’m exhausted just watching this. But now there’s no mystery about why she’s the World Champ. A whole generation of budding Indian sportspersons will follow her lead & not shrink from the commitment required to get to the top...

How to pay for Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, tuition-free college and universal child care: 1) Repeal the $1.9 trillion tax scam for corporations & the super-rich 2) Raise the top taxes to 1950s rates 3) Shrink the military Pass it on to a relative near you.

God sees potential in you that you can’t see in yourself. He’s going to present you with opportunities that seem way over your head. Don’t shrink back. You are well able.

Amazing day with @realDonaldTrump ! Together we will shrink government, end wars and spend money at home not abroad! #maga 

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While millions of Americans have seen their refunds shrink, some of the most profitable corporations in the country are filing for massive refunds: --U.S. Steel: $303 million --GM: $104 million --Amazon: $129 million --Goodyear: $15 million It's more socialism for the rich.

Whatever mountains you face in life, no matter how big they look, don’t shrink back in fear, rise up in faith.

Devastating headlines around the world today for the #MaduroCrimeFamily . Their international isolation will grow,the routes for evading sanctions will shrink & the willingness of many nations to support stronger multilateral actions to dislodge them has increased dramatically.

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Trump and Republicans keep saying we can't afford universal child care, Medicare for All, Green New Deal. Here's how: Repeal huge $1.9 trillion Trump-Republican tax cut for corps and the rich, raise top taxes to rates of 1950s, and shrink the military. It's not rocket science.

Yes, it was petty for to revoke ’s clearance. But big picture (& worse): it makes you less safe. Current officials routinely call prior officials to consult on big decisions affecting you. The list of advisors will soon shrink to Trump sycophants.