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Waiting on delivery for my 2020 Challenger (Red Eye) hp-780 !!!! I’m so ready!!! Eastchester Dodge / Bronx!!! Shout Bob / Jimmy!!!!

As a Day One Young Expo Club Member, and on the eve of the Expos' first ever World Series appearance (OK, Washington Nationals), a shout out to Rusty Staub, Mack Jones, Coco Laboy, John Boccabella, Bob Bailey, Carl Morton, Gene Mauch, Bill Stoneman & Jarry Park! Great Memories!

Thanks to the @producersguild  for featuring WHEN THEY SEE US on the cover of your summer issue. Shout out to my fellow executive producers: Jonathan, Jane, Bob, Berry + Oprah. And to all our full producing team, thanks for all the good, hard work.

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Safe driving isn’t just a skill. It’s an art, and our drivers have it mastered. Shout out to Bob and the other 175 drivers representing over 254 million safe driving miles at the National Truck Driving Championships this week! Learn more at

Shout out to @yyzsportsmedia  for breaking the massive Bob McCown news earlier this week.

Thanks for involving me in your insert. @mabena_bob  is a legend and we must shout it to the world every chance we get.

New hair who dis? What do you think of this new bob, by kingofhair using radiantlockshair ? Shout out to makeupbylatrice who always gets me together!! #beauty  #hair  #thebomblife …

Major shout-out to Tony Romo today. I’m not certain the Chiefs fire Bob Sutton if Romo didn’t expose him so badly by doing Sutton’s job from the broadcast booth better than Sutton was.

Bob Dylan gets special shout-out in aunt's obituary “Thank you to her nephews David and Bob for always taking extra good care of her.” Irene Goldfine died Monday at age 95.


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#TBT Vibe was the first magazine to put me on a cover. Shout out to the homies Wiz and B.O.B…

Shout out to our old friend for winning the Bob Feller Player of the Game Award in Saturday's 2018 ! The Flyin' Hawaiian reco #HOFClassicded  two hits and drove in two runs on his way to MVP honors.

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A big shout out to Bob Valente who is the man at LGA for . Huge fan and all around good guy!! Thanks for everything.

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Shout out to all of my Internet friends who all thought of me when they heard that Bob’s burgers was getting a movie. I love you guys ❤️

Just had to interrupt a group convo to shout "SETH MACFARLANE HAS *NOTHING* TO DO WITH BOB'S BURGERS. THAT'S WHY IT'S GOOD."

1st stop for Fan Friday! Our boy Bob's oldest remaining spot. Shout password WE'RE HOME to win some swag

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