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These Chinese photographers make sure your wedding shots look beautiful – even if their clothes are torn in the process

Video interviews, quote cards and behind-the-scenes shots are a great way to engage your audience and spread the knowledge beyond the physical boundaries of the venue

#Spookyshortstory : I was so visibly tired here because the ghost in the @Playboy  mansion guest house kept me up at nights. I took a quick nap on that, which is why there are laying shots, that's how we started lol. Long story told here(@ 2 min mark):

Skechers takes shots at Nike following latest lawsuit & patent infringement claims:

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Shots fired. A Perth street locked down. #Exclusive  pictures. #7NEWS 

TEEN HEALTH ALERT: Parents are being urged to make sure their kids are getting the second dose of the HPV vaccination. The shots are rolled out for free in schools, but an alarming number of students only get the first jab | @Joehillten  @qldhealthnews 

"The armies that were better equipped always called the shots and decided the destiny of mankind," Ajit Doval said.

This piece is only two weeks old, and already Russia has further tightened its grip in the Middle East. It’s now calling the shots With Turkey on Syria.

Memphis Police are investigating a case of road rage that ended with shots being fired on Interstate 40 downtown Monday night.​


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No jump shots. No ferns. No memes. Not this time. I’m going to give it to you straight: If you need health insurance for 2019, the deadline to get covered is December 15. Go to today and pass this on — you just might save a life.

In the last 24 hours, the administration has announced: - They will seek the power to detain migrant children indefinitely - They won’t provide flu shots to families in detention Six children have already died, three in part from the flu. This is a recipe for more tragedy.

The mother of #JazmineBarnes  on the fatal shooting of her 7-year old daughter. Killer pulled up to the family in his red truck and fired shots directly into their car. Jazmine died at the scene. Dec 30. Houston. Murderer is a white male, 40s and is still at large. #SayHerName 

Complicated, narrow , 2 shots on target ... How not to win a local derby....

interesting how some people in the media wanna take shots at me for no reason. all good. keeping it positive over here. all about the music

I'm not on shots by the way! Not that i know of