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Bill Shorten has accused Martin Hoffman of being a partisan public servant as the NDIA boss is questioned over tweets. Hoffman has deleted his twitter account. #auspol 

MEDIA DIARY | ‘F… you’: Shorten’s foul-mouthed spray to Scott Morrison’s political right-hand man. #auspol 

Exclusive: Labor pollster not given chance to speak to Shorten over campaign concerns, says secret report | @rharris334 

Labor's chief pollster says he was blocked from directly briefing party leader Bill Shorten in the lead-up to this year's federal election and never given a chance to present troubling research findings. via @smh 

Shorten: “You work for ScoMo? Yaron, isn’t it.” Yaron Finkelstein: “Yeah.” Shorten: “Yeah, f..k you. Just remember: the wheel always turns.” Finkelstein: “Then let’s hope it’s a big wheel!”

MEDIA DIARY | Two days before the ALP election review blamed Bill Shorten’s unpopularity, the wannabe PM engaged in a tense exchange at Flemington with one of Scott Morrison’s staffers. #auspol 

Jim Chalmers has moved to end Bill Shorten’s class-war economic pitch, calling for a new strategy to drive growth and jobs. #auspol 

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Interesting game management position here for LSU. They just snapped the ball with more than 20 seconds on play clock. On the cusp of a two-score lead, I'd run it down and shorten the game. Be interesting to see if they switch if they convert first down here.

For all the arguments about election tactics and weak strategy – and the verdict that voters simply did not like Bill Shorten – the real story is about a dangerous and lasting decline. | Analysis by @CroweDM 


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'We needed to shorten the video.' James Cleverly responds to criticisms of the Tory party for editing a GMB interview with Labour's Kier Starmer. #GMB 

Loneliness will shorten your life as much as smoking and drinking. By some measures, it’s worse than being obese.

We know you’re tired of waiting in line to get a driver’s license. So the Legislature provided the funding needed to add more staff & shorten lines. Today I sent a Directive to the head of the Agency... take IMMEDIATE action to shorten wait times. #txlege 

if you have a long name, you better be ready for me to shorten it.

This selfless act by truckers on 696 is fantastic. The 13 truckers all banded together to help shorten the fall for a man who was considering suicide. MORE:

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I wanted you to hear this first. A Shorten Labor Government will reverse Turnbull’s $83.7 million cut. We’ll also guarantee funding certainty over the next ABC budget cycle so they can get on with providing the content and services that Australians trust and rely on.

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RT if you want Labor & Bill Shorten to stop Adani coal mega-mine by announcing they'll halt the project if they win next election #StopAdani 

When police got a call that a suicidal man was threatening to jump onto a highway in Detroit, they stopped traffic and quickly organized a row of 13 semi trucks to shorten the distance the man would fall if he did jump.

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RUDY tells that today’s briefing will inform Trump’s legal defense: “We want to see how the briefing went to today and how much we learned from it. If we learned a good deal from it, it will shorten that whole process considerably.” Exactly what Dems feared.

CBB rule changes: • Men: shorten shot clock to 30 sec, 1 fewer TO in 2nd half • Women: play 10-minute quarters instead of 20-minute halves