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This happened. Thank you @SSC_Tattoo. We couldn't not get tattoos to commemorate the show! And obviously on our "shh" finger 😏
WH briefing about to start. We're told we cannot use video or audio from this "gaggle." So I took this pic before going in. Shh don't tell.
check out my friend @terri_cole's meditation cd bc it's important 2 take care of yourself & terri is the shh ☁️☁️☁️
Shh, what's that sound? Marbles? Or...
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The other guests in my hotel. It is not fair to them with all of the screaming and happy wonderful sounds that you create:) Pls pls shh shh!
I can already see the passive aggressive tweet series that will come with the new shh emoji. Ngl am excited.
Shh. Gimme a second to concentrate. It’s on the top of my tongue. I wanna say, serendipity?…
shh, brain no. it's way too early to be thinking. go. back. to. sleep.
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