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Sheldon Breiner, a @Stanford  geophysicist and co-founder of POST, or @POST_fans , used magnetometers to locate ancient stone heads buried in a Mexican jungle, search for a Spanish galleon in Drakes Bay and find a hydrogen bomb at the bottom of the sea

TV Ratings: ‘Young Sheldon’ Grows to Season High

CBS' Young Sheldon recorded same-day season highs in both adults 18-49 and total viewers Thursday

The Big Bang Theory fans stunned by two Sheldon Cooper plot holes as his precious routine is completely overlooked

Tech pioneer and @Stanford  geophysicist Sheldon Breiner used his knowledge of magnetism to find giant 3,000-year-old stone heads, lost Spanish galleons, wrecked submarines and an unexploded H-bomb at the bottom of the sea. Magnetometer Man is dead at 82

THE REAL YOUNG SHELDON: Described by staff as "simply extraordinary," Laurent is on course to finish his degree in December. He then plans to embark on a Ph.D. program in electrical engineering while also studying for a medicine degree.

NOW ON #CBS6 : Sheldon@IainLoveTheatre ) starts an internet flame war and Missy@OfficialRaeganR ) stands up to the boys on her baseball team on @YoungSheldon 

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Sheldon@IainLoveTheatre ) starts an internet flame war and Missy@OfficialRaeganR ) stands up to the boys on her baseball team. Watch @YoungSheldon  NEXT on News 3.

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Sheldon Breiner, a Bay Area scientist and inventor who founded high-tech startups in biotech and energy and co-founded the Peninsula Open Space Trust, died on Oct. 9. He was 82.


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Is it just me or is there something REALLY wrong with Twitter’s algorithms? Because I follow Steve Scalise and several other GOP members of Congress, I get recommended tweets from Ted Deutch ... Sheldon Whitehouse ... Steve Cohen ... Chuck Schumer ... and Chris Murphy? 🧐

WHAT A CATCH! 👀 We'll salute this effort by Sheldon Cottrell! 🙋‍♂️ #MenInMaroon  #CWC19 

"The Panama Papers showed Trump allies were using a network of tax havens to quietly stash their wealth offshore. They included the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, Robert Kraft, and Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross."

An incredible honor to receive the endorsement of a person I have such tremendous respect for. Thank you, Sheldon!

Sheldon Adelson'>Congrats Sheldon Adelson on buying your wife a Presidential Medal of Freedom! “He went to Jared!” 💎

Undrafted rookie Sheldon McClellan was giving John Wall buckets in practice 😳 (via @MonSportsNet )

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So Paul Ryan flew across the country to secure a $30 million check from Sheldon Adelson but then stepped out of the room for a couple minutes to avoid technically soliciting the money? Via

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Should we kick 235,900 Nevadans off of Medicaid so that Sheldon Adelson can get a $48 million dollar tax break every year?

Trump is giving the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor he can give, to SheldonAdelson’s wife Miriam. He’s counting on Adelson money to support his 2020 re-election bid. Is handing out honors like this worse than letting donors stay in the Lincoln Bedroom?

Big Bang Theory is FAKE SCIENCE. I'm toldd Sheldon doesn’t actually have a PhD and his real name is Jim. Bad (or sick) guy!