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Image from Delhi violence was turned into a poster by IS asking Muslims of India to unite and join Jihad@arvindojha , Shashank Shekhar)

#PolitictsOverNationalism – The Sharjeel Imam issue is a different thing, Shashank Shekhar (Student, Jamia Millia Islamia), tells @bhupendrachaube  on #Viewpoint .

#PolitictsOverNationalism – After 2014, the narrative was set, Shashank Shekhar (Student, Jamia Millia Islamia), tells @bhupendrachaube  on #Viewpoint .

Ruling AAP said in its manifesto for Delhi polls that it would consider keeping shopping and recreational centres open overnight, if it returns to power in the city. (Shashank Shekhar, @jeelanikash  )

#MakeWayOrPay – We need to get rid of this mentality that is we will be let off after paying fine, Shashank Shekhar (Victim), tells @SiddiquiMaha  on #FaceOff .

#MakeWayOrPay | Unless there is fear among people, they won’t become alert. I’m in support of the Rs 10,000 fine proposed by the govt: Shashank Shekhar (Victim) Watch#NewsEpicentre  with @maryashakil 

. declares force majeure on supp #polyethyleneies  from Wilton S18 plant | #polymershank  Shekhar'>Sha #polymershank  Shekhar reports:

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Linear low density #polyethylene  market to see biggest glut in 2019 among PE grades, according to trading sources at | Shashank#polymersS #GPCA2018hekhar reports:

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Read latest petrochemicals outlook for w/c Sep 3, focusing on: • • • #Olefinsk  #Polymershek #Aromaticshar'>Shasha #Olefinsk  #Polymershek #Aromaticshar reports:

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