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At invitation of the construction personnel, Pres Trump pulls out a Sharpie and signs one of the posts of the border wall. Other officials follow suit.

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With a flick of a ‘Sharpie’, @POTUS  makes his mark on the #BorderWall .

It's official. President Trump just signed the wall being built on the San Diego/Mexico border with a sharpie.

With a sharpie it can become “88”

Down at border, Trump just signed section of wall (fence) with sharpie. This, after an official minutes ago rejected the idea that the wall is a "vanity project."

Trump signed his $147-million replacement border wall with a Sharpie

Well, dads? You better get a sharpie, make a sign, and #StrikeWithUs : Based off a 1915 British World War I poster, commissioned from Josh MacPhee for the 2017 Climate & Science Marches.

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Starting a twitter feud with @chrissyteigen  is like trying to fight a hurricane with a sharpie.

In the REAL world, a devastating hurricane is heading up the eastern coast of the U.S. But who needs the truth, when you have a sharpie, an old map, and a fragile ego with a vested interested in name checking Alabama?

A Sharpie! a Sharpie! my kingdom for a Sharpie!

It's not just Sharpie-gate. This is part of a broader pattern. I count at least seven glaring examples in which government officials have wheeled into action in an effort to make Trump’s lies, errors and obsessions into truths. Here's my rundown:

That hurricane map doctored by thick black Sharpie? The scribbler was Trump himself, @ToluseO  + @jdawsey1  report.

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Why has the Sharpie story resonated? Because the image is indelible!

Scoop: President Trump has sent highly unusual, Sharpie-written notes to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at least twice. One missive was so odd, the Canadian ambassador double-checked with the White House to be sure it wasn't a prank.

Say Hello to #1D ? Enter@Sharpie  & u can win concert tix! Ck out my #SharpieHELLO  to the boys! #sp 

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