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YES! fully agreed. I got three rejections today. Win. #ShareYourRejections 

i wrote/write a lot of songs for movies that didn’t/don’t get picked 🤷🏻‍♀️ #shareyourrejections 

most people know my songs but not me #shareyourrejections  (well that’s only half a rejection cause that’s still awesome) 🤗

a lot of people still think i am or related to or want to be, katy perry #shareyourrejections 

#ShareYourRejections my body rejected the 10 shots of vodka I took on my 21st birthday. I still love vodka

I applied for a graduate trainee scheme at the FT after university. Didn't even get a reply. 🤷‍♀️ #ShareYourRejections 

Got a form letter rejection, not even an interview, at a brand new sports TV station, CTV Sportsnet. #ShareYourRejections 

One year in college I got 50 rejection letters for summer internships. #ShareYourRejections 

I was cut out of a sexual violence PSA that I did for free. Recently. #ShareYourRejections 


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#ShareYourRejections? I'm an actor for Christ sake. Have you got three hours? 🤣

Honey, a dead person doesn’t have enough time for my list. #ShareYourRejections 

Here, 11 authors share their tales of persevering through rejection: #ShareYourRejections 

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We'll #ShareYourRejections  for you, so you don't have to, @romankemp ? 😳 Isn't that right, @ArianaGrande ? 😈