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Ali Wong talks about her new book, Shane Gillis and why she hates being asked what it’s like to be an Asian-American woman in comedy

The #SNL  star on the show's responsibility in wake of the Shane Gillis ouster: "I don’t think any of us who work there go out with the intent to offend or hurt anyone’s feelings. Matching with that ideology, that’s the brand they want to keep alive."

Kenan Thompson defends his former SNL employer, Shane Gillis after racism scandal.

All this over Shane Gillis not getting hired at SNL! SNL fired Norm!

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Have presidential candidate Andrew Yang and comedian Shane Gillis had a conversation yet, as planned?

Shane Gillis'>Comedian Shane Gillis has announced his first headlining performances in Philadelphia since he was fired from the cast of Saturday Night Live last month over racist comments made on his podcast.

Shane Gillis announces first comedy show in Pa. after ‘SNL’ firing


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@AndrewYangVFA  defends supporting comedian Shane Gillis after he was fired from ‘SNL’ for racial slurs: “I thought that he was a ‘still figuring it out’ comedian who told some offensive jokes and that to me was not something that someone should lose their job over.”

Shane Gillis returned to stand-up Wednesday night following the #SNL  controversy: “I’m fine with the consequences... But I do want everyone to know that I’ve been reading every one of my death threats in an Asian accent”

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Shane Gillis, a comedian announced as a new cast member on "SNL" before videos surfaced in which he used slurs and offensive language, will not be joining the show, "SNL" announced Monday. A spokesperson said they "were not aware of his prior remarks."

If I say I'm offended by Shane Gillis' offensive Asian impersonations and slur people on the left will "support" me If I say I'm not offended and don't care they will say I'm not Asian enough to understand, that I'm "passing" So I'll just respond with I don't care and fuck you

BREAKING: NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” has fired new cast member Shane Gillis in response to recent racist and homophobic comments he made on a podcast.

NEW: SNL has fired comedian Shane Gillis for past derogatory and racist remarks he made on his podcast

Shane Gillis’s racist remarks surfaced hours after SNL announced that he would be joining the cast

"Saturday Night Live" has fired one of its most recent hires, Shane Gillis, just days after videos of the comedian making bigoted comments came to light

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Shane Gillis out at #SNL  following racial, homophobic slurs in podcast

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