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It's a shame the White House has become an adult day care center. Someone obviously missed their shift this morning.
Watching the mayor of an American city, San Juan, literally begging for her people's lives, is a national humiliation. For shame.
The Fake News Networks are working overtime in Puerto Rico doing their best to take the spirit away from our soldiers and first R's. Shame!
The public is learning (even more so) how dishonest the Fake News is. They totally misrepresent what I say about hate, bigotry etc. Shame!
Well that was an incredible experience , thanks @McIlroyRory for letting me do that, shame I pulled my shot into the water ! @TheMasters
The Philando Castile case gets worse and worse the more that's revealed. Shame on that cop. Shame on those jurors. Shame on this system.
oh no it seems i've lost my pen darn well i guess i'll just have to miss out on all the fun what a shame truly a tragedy for me to miss out
The West African Black Rhino has been officially declared extinct. It was hunted for its horn. Shame on our species.
an immigration officer laughed at my passport photo and asked if it was my 'tragic emo phase' ok let me into the country don't shame my past
The real shame & disrespect is that, decades after the 1st photo, racism STILL kills people & corrupts systems. #America#TakeAKnee@POTUS
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