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Life is not about being angry, getting revenge, and being mean to people that have been mean to you. That’s a shallow way to live. Instead, lift someone up when they've pushed you down.
Congrats Best Song Written For Visual Media winner - "Shallow" @ladygaga, @MarkRonson, Anthony Rossomando, & @Wyattish, songwriters (Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper) #GRAMMYs
Congrats Best Pop Duo/Group Performance winner - "Shallow" @LadyGaga and #BradleyCooper #GRAMMYs
.@ladygaga and #BradleyCooper won Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for 'Shallow' at the 61st GRAMMY Awards! Are you tuned in? #GRAMMYs
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So @DCfilmgirl and I are in Vegas for the @ladygaga Enigma show and Bradley Cooper just jumped on stage to do “Shallow” live!!! Insane!!!
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Bradley Cooper just pulled up to Lady Gaga's Vegas show to sing "Shallow" from 'A Star Is Born' ⭐️
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What an amazing perfomance by @ladygaga and @MarkRonson! 💕😍👏 #GRAMMYs #Shallow
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Lady Gaga highlighted the importance of talking about mental health during her acceptance speech for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for 'Shallow' #GRAMMYs
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😂 Romney says on CNN that he’s speaking against “divisiveness” by attacking @potus. Shallow, ridiculous opportunist.
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