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@garthbrooks  & @trishayearwood  performed an encore of their "Shallow" cover tonight on #GarthAndTrishaLIVE  See the full set list here:

Meghan Markle's Disney 'Elephant' Debut Panned By Critics As 'Shallow,' Cheesy (via @Fox411 )

We're actually right in the "Shallow" now and loving it. #GarthAndTrishaLIVE 

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Yikes! Meghan Markle's Disney 'Elephant' Debut Panned By Critics As 'Shallow,' Cheesy (via @Fox411 )

~*BerryYNWA I'll never be Afraid of wanting for nothing less the good will change the bad will stay the same A Template 4life nothing last forever ur shadow of darkness a comical interlude of fluid retention 2void upon those with shallow minds ignorant of ur P.O.V point of view

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Make your own music. Moog and Korg have released synthesiser apps for free during social distancing. Or, you know, you could learn “Shallow” on the keyboard or something.

How can anyone be sooooo SHALLOW!!!! He's trying to make believe he knows what he's talking about, but anything he says is so stupid and so shallow, those journalists can't use any of his comments in their articles.

If you ever hear us talk about shallow fog, here is an example of what we mean. Notice how the fog is dense, but low to the ground. If driving, it may not seem like that big of a deal until you hit a low spot. You could suddenly find yourself in very low visibility. #kswx 

“His first step is elite, and his closing speed allows him to track balls in both gaps, over his head and in shallow center field.”

$USDCAD ran into resistance a couple of weeks back via the 2016 highs, initially the pullback was looking like it might be shallow but then a minor wave of selling hit. Get your USD/CAD market update from @PaulRobinsonFX  here:

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@CharlotteAwbery  sang Shallow in a subway station and on my show. More than 60 million views later she’s officially off the deep end.

Thank u @MTV  @vmas  for the 2 nominations for “Shallow”! ?

I've personally been told, "go back to where you came from." It is vile, ignorant, shallow, and hateful. It has to stop.

“I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.”

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First, Democrats spent weeks saying the House case was totally convincing. Now, the opposite: They say the House case is so thin that if the Senate judges what the House actually voted on, it's a “cover-up." Their own investigation was so shallow that it now equals a “cover-up”?

Congrats Best Song Written For Visual Media winner - "Shallow" , , Anthony Rossomando, & , songwriters (Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper) #GRAMMYs 

. loved ‘A Star Is Born’ so much they couldn’t help but sing “Shallow” when they stopped by . #BoyWithLuv  #BTSArmy