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.@iamsrk on the power of love.

Watch Shah Rukh Khan's full TED Talk:
Wonderful meeting acting legend Shah Rukh Khan and creative industry leaders in Mumbai tonight. #LondonIsOpen is to talent, visitors, ideas and investment from India.
Shah Rukh Khan @iamsrk is an eternal romantic superstar....he breathes and lives LOVE like no one else!!! Go fall in love...#JHMS
Happy 50th birthday, Shah Rukh Khan, "perhaps the world's biggest movie star." @iamsrk
Shah Rukh Khan: What fame has taught me about humanity. @iamsrk @StarPlus
"The capacity for a human being to love is akin to godliness." — Shah Rukh Khan

Watch @iamsrk's TED Talk here:
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Shah Rukh Khan @iamsrk is the biggest movie star in the world - and he talks to @EamonnHolmes on @SkyNews at 8.20am
Salman Khan is one of the unrelated Khan triumvirate comprising Aamir and Shah Rukh that has been ruling the Bollywood box office for decades. He is now part of #Variety500 presented by @verizondigital
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