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An ideal vaccine platform would support development from viral sequencing to clinical trials in less than 16 weeks, demonstrate elicitation of consistent immune responses across pathogens, and be suitable for large-scale manufacturing using a pathogen-agnostic platform. #COVID19 

High-throughput single-cell activity-based screening and sequencing of antibodies using droplet microfluidics

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Combinatorial single-cell CRISPR screens by direct guide RNA capture and targeted sequencing

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The illness was politicized the moment a communist regime began arresting doctors for warning the public, deleting reporting on spread, withholding genome sequencing from the world, demanding WHO exclude Taiwan from emergency meetings on pandemic, and spreading propaganda here.

#GenomicsCentre  In collaboration with UKZN’s Research Innovation and Sequencing Platform, KRISP, geneticists are sequencing the genomes of 120 HIV positive individuals that are able to control the viral infection, without being on treatment. Professor Craig Kinnear, explains...

#GenomicsCentre  Tracey Jooste, PhD candidate, SU & SAMRC explains the first step of the genome sequencing process...

T-Minus 50 minutes and counting to liftoff of LIVE at 1pm eastern. All systems are go, begin initial sequencing: we've got the vector, victor! #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe  #HugeNews 

Although scientists already know much from DNA sequencing about which microbes live in the human body, a new study provides the first time scientists have been able to observe the microbial communities of the tongue in such detail.

@carnivalfanatic  @Frugal_SaverThere  are ~100 identified strains at this point. I'm sure there are many more; running sequencing is neither free or tells you much unless you're trying to trace the origin of a specific outbreak. There are two "parents " of all, one nastier than the other.

China's genome sequencing provider BGI's #COVID19  test kits approved by US FDA

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One of the most striking things about this album is how patient the sequencing is. @theweeknd  #AfterHours 

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The use of #probiotics  in hospitals is increasing. Now the first proof via genomic sequencing that these pills can induce sepsis by 's and collabora @NatureMedicineors  @TechnionLive  @idanyelin  @harvardmed 

For the first time, unknown microbes have been identified on , without needing to be sent back to Earth for sequencing. Watch how scientists overcame to complete #HurricaneHarveyhis  experiment, and what it means for space exploration.

“We just finished sequencing the first billion base pairs of DNA off the planet." #AstroKate 

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Successful #spacewalk , 1st-ever sequencing of DNA in space & more on @Space_Station  this week. Q? Use #SpaceToGround 

Pretty clear @DavidDavisMP  and UK have caved on sequencing of talks, with trade now not being discussed till money, Ireland, migrants sorted

and so now we're in a track listing sequencing choice decisions nightmare situation

"Studio Selfie" Running through the song sequencing for #HappyMistakes  Just a couple small changes…