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Bipartisan legislation on quality child care is common sense | By Sens. Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat from Minnesota, and Dan Sullivan a Republican from Alaska

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Democratic U.S. Sens. Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters on Thursday pushed to renew and expand the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative funding they contend is needed to keep Michigan's waterways clean and vibrant for the public.

Much of Sanders’ bill is based on legislation he introduced, also sponsored by Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand

Covering a 26-day stretch (from the end of the regular session to the day lawmakers passed the budget), retrospective per diem payments to Sens. Mia Costello and Donny Olson and Reps. David Eastman and Neal Foster totaled $7,852 each.

Registration for Little Sens Learn to Play Hockey fall sessions is now open! VISIT:

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It's time for you to vote on The Lead: 🔘 Jays/Dodgers 🔘 Sens Sign White 🔘 Canada Basketball Latest Head to to vote ✅

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The #Sens  have signed Colin White to a 6 year deal with a $4.75m avg.

Smith ready to lead Sens out of NHL basement: 'I’ve been through this scenario before.' MORE:

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Dems are trying to tear down 's presidency by any means they can. has given 25+ hours of testimony and put up with enough crap. Can executive privilege extend to children? Maybe it should! GOP Sens shouldn’t aide this witch hunt on our President

Sens Burr and Warner claim the Intel committee is "bi-partisan." Really? You're persecuting @DonaldJTrumpJr  but are you doing subpoena on Clapper, Brennan, Comey? If not, it's just another witch hunt. You need to go after the REAL witch!

President Trump tells federal border agents to ignore judicial orders WH chief of staff Mulvaney says request from Congress for Trump tax returns pursuant to existing statute will “never” be met GOP Sens like Romney and Grassley side w/Mulvaney the rule of law is being tested

Thx to GOP Sens Ted Cruz, Steve Daines & Thom Tillis for their endorsement of my bipartisan crim justice reform bill More than half of Repub Sens support the bill Ldr McConnell said show me 60+ votes to bring to the floor We have abt 75+ Lets deliver on historic bill THIS YEAR

Past hour: GOP Sens lecturing Comey, You should have stood up to TrumpRest of world and rest of history to GOP: You should have stood up

Prosecutor that questioned Dr. Ford during the hearing on Kavanaugh told GOP Sens on that Ford’s claims and the lack of corroborative evidence were not strong enough to take the case to a courtroom. via

BREAKING: Republican Sens. Mike Lee and Jerry Moran announce opposition to health care bill, dealing blow to GOP hopes.

Per solid source: at least 3 GOP sens (perhaps more) plan to announce public opposition to McConnell health bill later today. Developing

Sens. Cornyn & Cruz's attempts to berate #SallyYates  over unlawful travel bans were pathetic. They are no match for an accomplished woman!