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UPDATE: Republicans rejected our motion to adjourn until Monday so senators could read the bill they just introduced.

RT If you think senators should have time to read a bill that affects every single American.
Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do after a loss. Not this time.
This tax bill is only going to get worse as people learn more about it. There are 6 GOP Senators that have to run on it & 2 open seats in 2018. We all need to get to work.
Here's the way the Cruz amendment works: the more money you make, the more the government will subsidize your kids' private school tuition.


(This is a good tax break for senators, I should note, who mostly send their kids to private school)
Today, I voted NO on the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act. Unfortunately, House Republicans were able to pass this gift to the gun lobby – but you can still stop it.

Call your Senators at (202) 224-3121 and tell them to vote NO on this dangerous bill.
Tomorrow, America will wake up to see @GOP passed a huge tax overhaul in the dead of the night. There were no public hearings. Senators were given only hours to read a 479 page bill w illegible, handwritten amendments. This bill will affect millions of lives. This is a disgrace.
What happened early this morning — voting on the GOP tax bill just mere hours after Senators received the final text — was irresponsible and downright disrespectful to the American people. What was in the bill was even worse. I voted NO.
Republicans Senators are working hard to pass the biggest Tax Cuts in the history of our Country. The Bill is getting better and better. This is a once in a generation chance. Obstructionist Dems trying to block because they think it is too good and will not be given the credit!
Call your Senators. Tell them to vote NO on the Senate GOP tax plan.

Here's why: It's a massive tax cut for the wealthy and big corporations, paid for by cutting healthcare for millions, and raising taxes on students and homeowners.

Breaking: On floor where senator Schumer asked to adjourn until Monday so that senators AND the American taxpayers can look at tax bill. We got it four hrs ago and it is 500 pgs w/1.4 tril in debt. Republicans are all voting no. #RipoffWith NoDebate
New home sales reach a 10 year high. Stock Market has more record gains. Hopefully Republican Senators will give us the much needed Tax Cuts to keep it all going! Democrats want big Tax Increases.
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