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On #PresidentsDay , Senator Rubio celebrates the many leaders who have guided our great nation since its conception.

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This week, the office of Senator Marco Rubio will host #MobileOfficeHours  to assist you with federal casework issues. Find a location near you -->

Senator Rubio met with @NASAKennedy  Space Center Director@Astro_CabanaBob  today to discuss the excitement and growth around Florida’s space coast, which is the gateway to the stars. 🚀

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Rubio fundraising email: "Susan Collins needs our help" ... "Susan is not only a friend but an incredible Senator. She is someone who votes for her constituents and doesn’t get fazed by the bullies in the media or the leftwing radicals who are rabidly trying to attack her"

Wrote this in early February 2016: "Immigration is one of the few issues where Mr. Trump is to the right of Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, and one where he can puncture Senator Marco Rubio of Florida as too moderate."

Senator Rubio met with @StandWParkland  in his DC office to discuss legislative priorities, including the TAPS Act, EAGLES Act, and best practices and funding for school safety measures and behavioral threat assessment efforts.

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UPDATE: President Trump, Senator Marco Rubio and Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry weigh in after a van drove through a republican voter registration tent in Arlington.

U.S. soldiers killed and wounded during an attack in Afghanistan Saturday were members of the 7th Special Forces Group based in Crestview, Florida, according to a statement from Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL).

"The #OAS , whose leadership under Secretary General Luis Almagro is strongly influenced by Trump & Senator Marco Rubio, played a leading role in the coup that brought this violent, repressive, racist, anti-indigenous government to power" in #Bolivia 


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Senator Rubio applauded the House of Representatives for passing an amended version of his bipartisan Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act (S.178). Read his joint release with @SenatorMenendez  here ⬇️:

#MoscowMitch  even killed Republican Senator Marco Rubio’s bill to demand new sanctions against any country interfering in future American elections. Why is #MoscowMitch  doing Vladimir Putin’s bidding and refusing to protect our free and fair elections? #MoscowMitch , why?

Senator Marco Rubio stands with the brave Hong Kongers advocating for Hong Kong to maintain its long-cherished and promised autonomy and freedoms against Beijing's interference. The full Senate will soon be passing Sen. Rubio's #HongKongHumanRightsAndDemocracyAct 

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RT ? if you agree with Senator Marco Rubio "If Chinese companies want access to U.S. capital markets they should follow OUR laws."

Today, @SenateForeign  unanimously passed Senator Marco Rubio's #HongKongHumanRightsandDemocracyAct . The passage comes at a critical time when #HongKong ’s autonomy and freedoms are under assault by interference from the Chinese gov't & Communist Party.

Senator Rubio during #HongKong  @CECCgov  hearing: "China's leaders must either respect Hong Kong’s autonomy or know that their escalating aggression will lead them to face real consequences — not just from the United States, but from the free world."

A plane flies over Miami Beach with a banner saying "Shame on you Marco Rubio and NRA." The senator and the gun rights organization have been criticized in the wake of the mass shooting at a Florida high school. Credit: Ellen Bowen / Instagram

Do not give Marco Rubio a gold star for talking to his constituents. He is their senator. This is his job. He works for THEM.

Today Senator Rubio tried to tell me he wouldn't cut Medicare or Social Security. That's not what he said yesterday morning.