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Michael Skolnik
dear alabama republicans your own republican senator richard shelby did not vote for roy moore we are counting
Dear Alabama Republicans,

Your own Republican Senator, Richard Shelby did not vote for Roy Moore. We are counting on you to not vote for an alleged child molester to represent your state. Do the right thing.

Joy Reid
listening to senator richard shelby in his interview with katyturnbc makes it clear the gop is a trumpian part
Listening to Senator Richard Shelby in his interview with @KatyTurNBC makes it clear: the GOP is a Trumpian party plus tax cuts. Full stop.
The New York Times
senator richard shelby a fixture of republican politics in alabama said on national television that the party
Senator Richard Shelby, a fixture of Republican politics in Alabama, said on national television that the party could “do better” than elect Roy Moore
NBC Politics
breaking alabama senator richard shelby weighs in on moore allegations if that s true i don t believe there d
BREAKING: Alabama Senator Richard Shelby weighs in on Moore allegations:

"If that's true, I don't believe there'd be any place for him in the United States Senate"
NBC Politics
just in alabama senator richard shelby tells nbc he voted for a write in candidate in alabama senate race to r
JUST IN: Alabama Senator Richard Shelby tells NBC he voted for a "write-in candidate" in Alabama Senate race to replace AG Jeff Sessions.
@aldotcom 1 year
alabama s senior senator richard shelby on roy moore if these allegations are true there is no place for roy m
Alabama's senior senator Richard Shelby on Roy Moore: "If these allegations are true, there is no place for Roy Moore in the United States Senate." More from McConnell, McCain, and others: #alpolitics #ALsen
The Boston Globe
alabamas other senator richard shelby urges voters to reject roy moore
Alabama’s other senator, Richard Shelby, urges voters to reject Roy Moore.
New York Magazine
alabama senator richard shelby reportedly couldnt bring himself to vote for roy moore
Alabama Senator Richard Shelby reportedly couldn’t bring himself to vote for Roy Moore
Ryan Grim
alabama senator richard shelby says sessions would be an ideal candidate to replace moore as a write in says h
Alabama Senator Richard Shelby says “Sessions would be an ideal candidate” to replace Moore as a write in, says he will write in a Republican
NYT Politics
with the vote two days away senator richard shelby of alabama goes on national television to say that his stat
With the vote two days away, Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama goes on national television to say that his state can "do better" than elect Roy Moore
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