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Significant development --

3 Senate Dems say they have new evidence SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh was not truthful under oath in 2006 confirmation.

This is the kind of thing that would be the end of the road in the Senate for many nominees to even minor jobs. But for SCOTUS?
JUST IN: US Senate passes resolution with unanimous consent by voice vote that “affirms that the press is not the enemy of the people” and “reaffirms the vital and indispensable role that the free press serves” and “condemns the attacks on the institution of the free press.”
BREAKING NEWS From @SenFeinstein , Senator Leahy, And @SenatorDurbin : Documents Indicate That Kavanaugh Misled Senate; Make Them Public
Democrats want Open Borders and they want to abolish ICE, the brave men and women that are protecting our Country from some of the most vicious and dangerous people on earth! Sorry, we can’t let that happen! Also, change the rules in the Senate and approve STRONG Border Security!
Senate Intel Chairman, Richard Burr is defending President Trump. I believe this is a remarkable turn in the tides of Washington affairs and may well represent the beginning of the end of the Mueller Witch Hunt. @realDonaldTrump #AmericaFirst #Dobbs
Republicans announced #SCOTUS hearings will begin on Sept 4th. Let’s recap how the Senate GOP’s blatant and historic obstruction of Judge Kavanaugh's record is denying both the Senate & the American people access to critical information about a potential Supreme Court justice.
As long as I campaign and/or support Senate and House candidates (within reason), they will win! I LOVE the people, & they certainly seem to like the job I’m doing. If I find the time, in between China, Iran, the Economy and much more, which I must, we will have a giant Red Wave!
Brett Kavanaugh told the Senate in 2006 he had no KNOWLEDGE of torture or wiretapping.
Reporting and emails released through FOIA has cast serious doubt on those answers.
Kavanaugh's records would show whether he told truth, but Republicans are blocking their release.
Sen. Feinstein (D-CA) accusd CIA Dir @JohnBrennan of spying on Senate Intel Comm."'Nothing could be further from the truth,' Brennan said.'We wouldn’t do that. That’s just beyond the scope of reason.' It would be months before his denial was proved false."
John James is a potential Republican Star who has a Senate primary election tomorrow in Michigan. If he becomes the Republican candidate, he will beat the Open Borders, weak on Crime, Democrat, Debbie Stabenow. Vote for John James and Make America Great Again!
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