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‘Is this how you make America great again?’ — Sen. Jon Tester held nothing back in his impassioned speech against Trump’s shutdown
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What's up w/ Sen Mazie Hirono? She sat on her rear instead of cheering a little girl fighting cancer or supporting the effort to fight cancer. Hawaii is a beautiful state w/ great ppl. They can surely find someone who finds delight in a child kicking cancer!
1/ NEW: Sen. Angela Paxton has filed a bill that would give Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton — her husband — more regulatory power.

Including regulatory power related to state securities law.

Which Ken Paxton is accused of violating. #txlege
If you too are disappointed in Sen @BillCassidy #GrahamCassidy let them know it - call (202) 224-3121
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After Trump shut down the government for 35 days the first bill Sen. McConnell introduced wasn't to provide back-pay to 1.2 million federal contractors.

It wasn't to guarantee health care or lower drug prices.

It was to repeal the estate tax for the 1,700 wealthiest families.
Women confront Sen. Jeff Flake after he says he'll vote yes to Kavanuagh: “That’s what you’re telling all women in America, that they don’t matter. They should just keep it to themselves because if they have told the truth you’re just going to help that man to power anyway.”
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I’m disappointed in Mitt Romney. His defining act as an incoming Senator is to criticize Pres. Trump. If Senator-elect Romney thinks Trump is a bigger problem than Nancy Pelosi or Sen. Schumer then he has a lot to learn about how things get done in Washington.
"Your silence and your amnesia is complicity”: Sen. Cory Booker unleashes on Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen after she says she doesn’t remember President Trump using the word “shithole” to refer to African countries at the DACA meeting
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Watch the moment Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) tried to pass a bill guaranteeing military pay and death benefits during the gov’t shutdown — and GOP leader Mitch McConnell blocked it
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Only way I know to stop a Schumer shutdown is 4 Schumer &Trump to be locked in a room &reach agreement on $ 4 border security. Obv must stop drug dealers, human traffickers& criminals fr entering country. What’s big deal Sen Schumer? U have voted to spend 25b on wall-why not $5B?
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