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If you too are disappointed in Sen @BillCassidy #GrahamCassidy let them know it - call (202) 224-3121
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3 months
"Your silence and your amnesia is complicity”: Sen. Cory Booker unleashes on Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen after she says she doesn’t remember President Trump using the word “shithole” to refer to African countries at the DACA meeting
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Watch the moment Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) tried to pass a bill guaranteeing military pay and death benefits during the gov’t shutdown — and GOP leader Mitch McConnell blocked it
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2 months
Florida school shooting survivor Cameron Kasky challenges Sen. Marco Rubio: "Can you tell me right now that you will not accept a single donation from the NRA?" #StudentsStandUp
Sen. Kamala Harris just torched Trump’s DHS Secretary over her racist dogwhistling
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Re these comments from Senator Chuck Grassley today:

Sen Grassley was the lead Senate sponsor of a bill to make it easier for mentally ill people to buy guns -- it was a standalone bill; that's all it did.

It passed Congress a year ago today, and Pres. Trump signed it into law.
'Real Indian' running against Sen. Elizabeth Warren sues after city tells him to stop calling her 'Fake Indian'
We are saddened by the loss of Sen. John Glenn, the first American to orbit Earth. A true American hero. Godspeed, John Glenn. Ad astra.
Democratic Sen. Jon Tester says embattled Veterans Affairs nominee Ronny Jackson was known for handing out prescriptions "like candy," adding that "in the White House they call him the candy man"
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Sen. Orrin Hatch: “But what if there are 10 babies on the floor of the Senate?"

What if there were?
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