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The recall relates to three products the company sells that are part of the Great Value frozen foods.

New York's enormous Nordstrom flagship will have 7 (SEVEN!!) food spots and offers several dishes for in-store delivery. Nordstrom says 1 in 4 transactions at its 116 full-line stores is a food or beverage purchase. It sells 750,000 crunchy tacos a year.


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If the U.S. sells a car into China, there is a tax of 25%. If China sells a car into the U.S., there is a tax of 2%. Does anybody think that is FAIR? The days of the U.S. being ripped-off by other nations is OVER!

Drake’s dad denies being an absentee father, says rapper includes those lyrics to sell records: "I said, 'Drake, why are you saying all this different stuff about me man like this is not cool.' He goes, 'Dad it sells records.'

Germany sells 30 year bonds offering negative yields. Germany competes with the USA. Our Federal Reserve does not allow us to do what we must do. They put us at a disadvantage against our competition. Strong Dollar, No Inflation! They move like quicksand. Fight or go home!

BTS Documentary ‘Bring the SoulSells a Record 2.55 Million Tickets The release of BTS’s “Bring the Soul: The Movie” has officially broken the record for widest ever release of an event cinema title.

Interesting how the U.S. sellsTaiwan billions of dollars of military equipment but I should not accept a congratulatory call.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbarsells four championship rings, three MVP trophies and other memorbilia for nearly $3M, donating it to youth education

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Remember, Trump’s first public appearance post election night was at NYC restaurant that sells $36 burgers, where he shook rich people’s hands and said “we’re gonna get your taxes down.”

@BTS_twt 's 'Burn the Stage' movie opens worldwide and sells nearly 1M pre-sale tickets

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Crowd went crazy when me & played for the first time eve #micdropremix  in Jakarta! U all ready for our tour in feb!!! Get you #kolony  tix now before your city sells out!!