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SECDEF Esper may be opposed to sending a big additional number. Doesn’t mean someone else didn’t propose it or consider it. It just means it’s dead now. 5/

New: SecDef Esper says Trump ordered him to allow Eddie Gallagher to remain a SEAL. “He wanted Eddie Gallagher’s (trident) pin restored and I said roger, I got it,” Esper said.

@maggieNYT  Spencer denied he was resigning on Saturday. But after Esper learned of Spencer's alleged offer, the SECDEF told Trump on Saturday that he wanted Spencer out, Esper said.

Wow, this is stunning -- it comes just after SecDef Esper walked away with no deal on Trump's demand to jack up the price of U.S. protection in South Korea

BREAKING: SecDef Esper 'flabbergasted' by Navy Secretary making secret deal with White House on Gallagher case via @halbritz 

SecDef Esper 'flabbergasted' by Navy Secretary making secret deal with White House on Gallagher case

SecDef Esper says there will be 500 to 600ish U.S. troops in Syria protecting the oil from ISIS. I pointed out that the Kurds sell the oil to Assad. He said: “I’m not sure how the oil market works in Syria.”

Looks like we are not abandoning the Kurds in Syria after all. SecDef Esper confirms they are still our partners and we are still financing them. Why? Depends on which official you ask.

China Is Exporting Killer Robots to the Mideast, SecDef Esper Says

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NEW: SECDEF Esper admits "the release of many dangerous ISIS detainees" as a result of Turkey's military incursion in northern Syria.

McConnell spox says Senate Majority Leader has spoken to SecDef Esper about saving Middle School project at Fort Campbell: "Senator McConnell recently talked to Secretary Esper regarding the issue and is committed to protecting funding for the Ft. Campbell Middle School project"

SecDef Esper and Chairman Dunford just came to the Pentagon briefing room to announce the deployment of troops to the Middle East. How many? "Not thousands." They're going to consult with CENTCOM and get back to everybody with details.

For the 3rd year in a row, Trump’s team led by Stephen Miller is pressing to radically scale back refugee admissions, this time effectively barring most populations. SecDef Esper has emerged as a potential savior of the pgm but his views are unknown

Tonight the United States does NOT have a secretary of defense as this statement attached indicates but does not name anyone. There is Richard Spencer the ACTING secretary of defense and Mark Esper the Secretary of the Army awaiting confirmation as SecDef. NO SecDef tonight.

Senate Republicans have privately told WH that they don't have time on calendar/political capital for a difficult SecDef confirmation fight this summer/fall. So, for now, Army Sec. Mark Esper will take over as acting, as WH/GOP consider next steps.

Today, #SecDef  Mattis formally swore in @SecArmy  Dr. Mark T. Esper at the Pentagon, Washington, D.C.