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@magpie97810241  @TeslaAre  you yet out of the $AMZN you shorted under $100 because its market cap exceeded SEARS, J.C. Penny and other similar dinosaurs?

Private equity was always a catastrophically destructive grift. Just ask employees of the Olive Garden, Toys R Us or Sears. And PE's expansion into health care was terrible even before the pandemic. But man, has PE's toxic nature been revealed by the crisis. 1/

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Steel is going for the new ShopRite in Wall, and plans are moving along to replace a Sears'>Middletown Sears with the popular supermarket shain.

Sears'>Roger Sears, 77, Cranston, Rhode Island. Sears was a veteran of the Rhode Island National Guard who served for 38 years.

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The winner of the Barbara Sears Award for Best Visual Research is @RickiGurwitzCTV  f #TheAccountantOfAuschwitzr  @CBC  @cbcdocs  Docs. Congratu #CdnScreenAwardsations  .

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Congratulations to @RickiGurwitzCTV , winner of the Barbara Sears Award for Best Editorial Research #TheAccountantOfAuschwitzo  @CBCr @cbcdocs #CdnScreenAwards  Docs. .

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On this day I always remember Sears'>Lance Corporal Niall Coti-Sears, the son of my daughter’s 4th grade teacher, killed in Afghanistan 3 days after his 23rd birthday.

Start Up No.1315: how iOS 14 leaked, a fungus to stop malaria?, UK to phase out Huawei, how Ayn Rand ruined Sears, ‘fish cleaner’ death redux, and more

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What Investors Can Learn From Sears And J. C. Penney. #economy  #business  #investing 


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This is what we mean when we talk about a rigged economy. If Sears has $25 million to give bonuses to executives after closing over 100 stores, why is the company telling thousands of laid off employees they don't have the money to pay their severance?

Hedge fund billionaire Eddie Lampert reaped huge profits while destroying the jobs of 250,000 people. This is what a rigged economy looks like. I stand with Sears and K-Mart workers all over the country who are fighting back.

In case anyone forgets: Eddie Lampert, who ran Sears into the ground, is an Ayn Rand devotee who tried to apply Atlas Shrugged to corporate management

I’m going to miss Sears. Especially on those days when you just want to buy a suit, a carpet, an air conditioner, a lawn mower, a foundation garment, an air hockey table and a tractor.

Another strike against Treasury Sec. Mnuchin. Sears sued Mnuchin, claiming that he was among the board members who helped the CEO strip Sears of $2 BILLION in assets. Wow! Trump, his cabinet, & his inner circle show up in so many fraudulent efforts! Are they all crooks?

On a side note: Where would one have even gotten a Klan costume in 1984? They weren’t in the Sears catalog! Whose mother sat at her Singer sewing machine and made this?! I want to shame her too. Lol.

Sears wants to give its executives $25 million in bonuses after closing over 100 stores and laying off thousands of employees. My friends, this is what a rigged economy is all about. (with )

Let me get this straight: Sears has $25 million laying around to pay out executives who ran the company into the ground, but doesn't have any money to give the thousands of workers they laid off severance pay?

Sears has “been obviously improperly run for many years and it’s a shame,” Trump said this morning. Mnuchin, his treasury sec, was a member of Sears’s board from 2005 until December 2016.

What I want to know is: if Sears has $25 million to give bonuses to executives, why is the company telling laid off employees they don't have the money to pay their severance?