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Donald J. Trump
thank you to sean parnell for the nice comments on about the troops wonderful reaction to melania and i in ira
Thank you to Sean Parnell for the nice comments on about the troops wonderful reaction to Melania and I in Iraq and Germany. Great things are happening!
CNN Breaking News
independent bill walker has won alaska governor s race cnn projects defeating gop incumbent sean parnell
Independent Bill Walker has won Alaska governor's race, CNN projects, defeating GOP incumbent Sean Parnell.
Darragh Doyle
the power of is something i ll always remember from today the tiny shoes hanging on parnell square on the magd
The power of #BabyShoesRemember is something I'll always remember from today. The tiny shoes hanging on Parnell Square, on the Magdalene Laundry at Sean McDermott Street and these on the Pro Cathedral. So potent. So emotive. #Stand4Truth
Twitchy Team
msnbc political analyst comes to defense of rising college freshman david hogg after schooling from sean parne
MSNBC political analyst comes to defense of ‘rising college freshman’ David Hogg after schooling from Sean Parnell, ratio party ensues
Ken Thomas
anchorage alaska ap independent bill walker wins alaska gubernatorial race defeats gop incumbent sean parnell
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - Independent Bill Walker wins Alaska gubernatorial race, defeats GOP incumbent Sean Parnell. #akgov
Twitchy Team
combat vet sean parnell shares with sarah silverman how to make it through the great depression
Combat vet Sean Parnell shares with Sarah Silverman how to make it through the 'Great Depression'
HuffPost Politics
incumbent republican sean parnell loses to independent bill walker in alaska
The New York Times
sarah palins attack on gov sean parnells plan aligns her with state democrats
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