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Sean Hannity EVISCERATES Sean Hannity
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NEW: Sean Hannity revealed as secret owner behind shell companies that have spent $90m buying 870+ homes across the US – with help from HUD and foreclosures
Sean Hannity: Michael Flynn is the victim of a two-tiered justice system #FoxNews
If Sean Hannity doesn't give Trump one of Matt Whitaker's "big dick toilets" for Christmas he's not sucking to his full potential.
Sean Hannity being a client of Michael Cohen’s while also doing a bunch of segments on the raid, etc. without disclosing he’s been a client of Cohen’s is honestly not even cracking the top-3 most professionally/journalistically problematic things Hannity has been doing since 2016
How the HELL is Sean Hannity simultaneously claiming that Michael Cohen was not his attorney BUT that he assumed their conversations were covered by attorney/client privilege?!!!
The outing of Sean Hannity violated federal litigation rules; the judge and government lawyers knew it. And CNN and NYTimes didn’t divulge that their lawyer was behind it.
Sean Hannity says that he never heard of the Proud Boys.

Hannity has hosted Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes 24 times on his show, and in one instance, even agreed with McInnes' call to violence.
Media Matters and CNN teaming up to try and knock Sean Hannity off the air. Despicable and unAmerican. Freedom of speech again under fire.
The fact that Sean Hannity has been railing against the FBI's investigation of Michael Cohen without disclosing that Michael Cohen IS HIS LAWYER is wildly unethical, and also perfectly on-brand for a Fox News host
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