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Mega-merger of PSU banks on schedule: 6 banks cease to exist from today; experts say exercise will not be smooth, seamless#Mega  #PSUBanks  #PSU 

People have found plenty of clever and seamless ways to play Codenames, Pandemic, and other board games on video chat.

#EmilysMasks  Using darts at side of nose and chin instead of a center seam would also provide a nice seamless canvas in front of the nose and mouth that would be MUCH easier to decorate with cute kitty noses, mustaches, shark teeth, etc....

Experts said merger at this point of time will not be very smooth and seamless. However, heads of the anchor #banks  are exuding confidence #lockdown  #coronavirusindia 

A good example of seamless story-telling + driving home the message that covid-19 is insidious and can hit anyone esp. if exposure is high. Clear reminders, clear rules. Followed by what the state is doing in concrete steps. 2/2

#ProjectDuallyNoted taps augmented reality to bridge the gap between digital and physical documents for a seamless experience: #AdobeSummit 

People have found plenty of clever and seamless ways to play Codenames, Pandemic, and other board games on video chat.

With the help from Wireless Broadband Alliance, Cisco's drive for seamless#data  with #OpenRoaming  just got a little stronger.

Been enjoying @stephbreakfast  on @Channel4 . They’re doing a cracking job. Although this seamless intro into the news did make me chuckle.. @krishgm  ❤️


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The same crew has been doing that show for years and years. They are the nicest and most efficient people in show business and I thank them very much for making my week seamless and very special.

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Absolutely correct! India is extremely proud of our IT professionals who are working hard to provide seamless services to fellow citizens. This community of innovators and industrious professionals has a major role to play in combating COVID-19. #IndiaFightsCorona 

NO. Do not tell yourself that a 2nd Trump term would be a seamless continuation of the 1st. Authoritarians interpret reelection as permission to take the gloves off. Immediately after reelection, Modi locked down Kashmir and moved to strip citizenship from millions of muslims.

If we connect the dots between Budgets of 2019 and 2020, it becomes clear that Modi govt is on a path of seamless delivery of its promises. Do watch how the schemes launched in 2019 with regard to the welfare of farmers, women and youth have been taken to the next level in 2020.

Many congratulations to Team#Chandrayaan2  @isro  for the successful and seamless launch !

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JW President appeared on : “It’s been one seamless garment of presidential harassment & frankly an attempt to overthrow the president. They didn’t like the fact he won & so they were willing to break all the rules. There’s no basis to impeach him.”

Seamless co-ordination between the Centre and Odisha Government augured well in the run up to Cyclone Fani and in helping affected citizens. Leveraging technology and human skills, work towards strengthening Odisha’s infrastructure will continue at a record pace.

Shocked, I really thought MAGA folks (who are all over downtown Chicago) were waiting with a rope/bottle of bleach to ambush a righ guy at 2am in minus 4 degrees because those are conditions where all people go out for Subway rather than order Seamless. Seemed so real???

My network coders developed a seamless translating system. Your seeing your native language when you type, and I am seeing mine. Cool huh!