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Jodie Chesney's stepmum on moment she told murdered girl scout's birth mum tragic news

The man is a married father of two as well as a youth minister and boy scout leader

Roads are already snow covered in southwest Johnson County. Here's a look from a KC Scout camera at I-35 and Homestead Lane.

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Meet the go-to scout–for college basketball coaches

Jodie Chesney's stepmum's pain of telling girl scout's birth mum about murder

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Quick scout: UNC vs. Wofford. Here’s everything you need to know about the Terriers

Scout'>Quick Scout: Why a KU-UMKC prediction is trickier because of the venue

Scout Willis goes braless in a grey crop top and quirky purple trousers while out and about in Los Angeles


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A scout convinced DK Metcalf to show up to meet with the Seahawks staff with no shirt, so Pete Carroll "got pissed" and took his off too 😂 (via )

Good morning beautiful people.. I once attempted to be a scout for the Colts.. “Chuck, he didn’t cough once” 😂😂

i’d like to thank target for always letting me ride around the store and sell my albums like girl scout cookies

This cub scout grilled his senator on gun reform – then got kicked out of his scout pack

Investigators said a New Jersey teen raped a girl and sent a video of it to his friends. A judge spared the teen from being tried as an adult because he "comes from a good family," has good test scores and was an Scout'>Eagle Scout. An appeals court just overturned that decision.

If I were a cookie, I would be a thin mint girl scout cookie. FYI

“Trump Foundation’s largest-ever gift, $264,631, was used to renovate a fountain outside Trump’s Plaza Hotel. Its smallest-ever gift, for $7, was paid to the Scouts'>Boy Scouts in 1989, at a time when it cost $7 to register a new Scout. Trump’s oldest son was 11”

A Georgia dad and his daughter wrote a parody of Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” in order to sell his daughter’s Scout'>Girl Scout cookies. It’s so good, it’ll make you want to buy every box.

I'm an Eagle Scout. Trump using the 30,000 BoyScouts as his props tonight was a scene out of Triumph of the Will. Shocking abuse of children

As a Scout leader, my stomach is in knots about what Trump did today. If you haven't watched it yet, don't. It's downright icky.