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En route for night 2 .Stayed at the same spot as the Scottish team last night. Good to chat to @johnnyrussell27 and Chris Martin. Good luck
Congrats @JustinRose99 on a huge win at the Scottish Aberdeen! Delighted for ya! Well deserved
The Official Scottish Singles Chart: @BTS_twt enter at Number 10 with IDOL! View this week's Top 100 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Yes I’m Scottish but I don’t care the legend Harry Kane picked our song hahahahaha
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Glasgow! U ready for tonight ! Love a good Scottish crowd! Lets go! Up early this morning! Gona get a sleep on the bus !
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It's been a wild time for @BTS_twt!
Strong & Stable Gov 1 (2015):PM resigns, manifesto shredded, Scottish independence threat, election called, man buys shed. Fancy the sequel?
Dear Twitter - I would like to find this Scottish hero getting angry at a sheep and interview him. Please help.
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As expected, @IBlackfordSNPMP tells@theresa_may that the Scottish government wants the same backstop deal as Northern Ireland which would keep it in customs union and single market for goods#PMQs
Rangers drew their opening league game under Steven Gerrard.

We've seen enough, so feck it - we have PAID OUT on Celtic winning the Scottish Premier League!
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