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Are warming waters or warmer air melting the ice? @NASA  scientists are on a mission in Greenland to find out

Europa has the smoothest surface of any known solid object in the solar system which has led scientists to believe that it could harbour an ocean beneath its outer crust

ICYMI: Nearly a decade ago, a pair of scientists developed a mathematical framework to explain how the brain represents the past and orders memories. Experiments seemed to verify half of their model, but evidence for the other half was lacking — until now.

Scientists studying the scale and impact of plastic pollution on wildlife in the Sargasso Sea have found "extreme concentrations" of microplastic, which they worry will threaten sea turtles and other marine species that live there.

Scientists at the Salk Institute are looking for ways to change key plant traits to help fight carbon emissions

“Government is jeopardizing the future of a whole generation of Brazilianscientists,” says physicist Paulo Artaxo of the 80,000 science scholarships at risk from budget cuts.

Scientists just traced antibiotic resistance millions of years into the past. Ooooh. #Antibiotics  #AnitbioticResistance  #SuperBugs  #Bacteria  #Microbiology 

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Russian doomsday weapon scientists killed after ‘radiation explosion’ blasted them into the air

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The Keto diet is popular, but is it good for you? Low-carb, high-fat eating can lead to weight loss, but scientists debate the long-term effects on health.


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SCIENTISTS: “We’ve produced the first-ever image of a supermassive Black Hole, 55-million light years away” RESPONSE: “Oooh!” SCIENTISTS: “We’ve concluded that humans are catastrophically warming Earth” RESPONSE: “That conflicts with what I want to be true, so it must be false”

Today, the greatest threat of extinction we face is not asteroids or climate change or disease or famine. It’s society’s refusal to heed the warnings of scientists.

Scientists say it’s a crucial step towards catgirls

"When scientists say bears are going extinct, I want people to realize what it looks like," says photographer Paul Nicklen

If someone's political stance requires preventing scientists from informing you about your own planet, that's not politics, it's oppression.

As a human being I’m aware that we are all physically, mentally and emotionally the same and we all want to live a happy life. Scientists say our basic nature is compassionate. It’s clear that love and affection bring people together.

Scientists & engineers launched “InSight” from Earth (a moving platform) across 300million miles to arrive where Mars (a moving target) will be seven months later, landing safely to do geophysics at the Martian equator. And you have a problem listening to us about climate change?

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Scientists warn that constant fear and anger are bad for our health, while being compassionate and warm-hearted contributes to our physical and mental well-being. Therefore, just as we observe physical hygiene to stay well, we need to cultivate a kind of emotional hygiene too.

This is the first ever photo of a black hole, unveiled today after a decade of work by scientists

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Oh great a female Doctor Who. What next? Female real doctors? Female pilots? Female scientists? Female sisters and mothers? Female WOMEN?!