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Illegal immigration affects the lives of all Americans. Illegal Immigration hurts American workers, burdens American taxpayers, undermines public safety, and places enormous strain on local schools, hospitals and communities...
I attended multiple high schools in 4yrs. Hawaii, Nashville and Pennsylvania. Everyone thought I was an undercover narc. True story. 👮🏾
Schools. Places of worship. Movie theaters. Banks. No matter where you are, you deserve to feel safe from gun violence. Mass shootings that barely make headlines cannot become our new reality. We must pass universal background checks and ban assault weapons.
“We’re not allowed to bring peanut butter sandwiches to schools to protect those kids who have peanut allergies. So why are children who are unvaccinated, who are potentially spreading a deadly illness around allowed to go to school?"
Also are kids at primary schools still allowed to paint their faces and watch the game !? Always got everyone excited when I was younger!
Every Time Elizabeth Warren Has Lied About Her Native American Heritage:


1. Elizabeth Warren self-identified as a "Native American" in the The Association of American Law Schools Directory of law professors in every edition printed between 1986 -1995.
Today, my Administration provided HISTORIC levels of funding to improve school safety through STOP School Violence grants – a top priority for . I am committed to keeping our children SAFE in their schools!
No fucking Wall!
Roads, bridges, schools, clean water, green energy, fight the opioid epidemic, affordable college and a zillion other things that aren’t a 19th century solution to a 21st century problem. Enough.
“President Donald J. Trump’s Commission on School Safety examined ways to make our schools safe for all students and teachers.” Read more:
we got OKC tonight. held 200 tickets for students from some of the schools recently destroyed. hope they enjoy the show
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