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The following schools in Tagaytay will resume classes tomorrow, Jan. 27, following #TaalVolcano  cleanup operations

Revealed: The schools which send the highest number of pupils to every Oxbridge college

We are announcing a £1.6m boost to help schools open up their sports halls and playing fields to sports clubs. ⚽🏉🏑🎾 👉

Economists need to organize across different schools of thought — and to include development economics as well as ecological and environmental economics and feminist economics. There is strength in numbers and robustness in diversity (via @EshipRules )

One more. It was feast of cultural performances. At the Republic Day celebrations in Puducherry. Schools showed immense talent.

Classes in several schools in Tagaytay City will resume tomorrow, Jan. 27, after 2 weeks of suspension due to #TaalVolcano  eruption

New surveillance AI can tell schools where students are and where they’ve been. “Do we really want both young students and high schoolers, and anybody else, feeling like they’re operating in that environment all the time?”

Emtee: They will school you about everything but financial literacy: The rapper believes schools should place a stronger focus on teaching children how to spend money wisely.

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#Turkey Up to 650,000 refugee kids enrolled in schools

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Tajikistan's parliament has approved an agreement to build five new Russianschools in the next three years, with funds largely provided by the Russian government. @FarangisN  reports:


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It was my honor to welcome our nation’s Mayors to the @WhiteHouse  as we continue to strengthen the bonds of cooperation between federal and local governments so that we can deliver great jobs, excellent schools, affordable healthcare, and safe communities for all of our people!

President @realDonaldTrump  announced historic steps to protect the Constitutional right to pray in public schools!

There's a box 🔲 If you put a cross in it, you'll save our NHS, properly fund our schools and tackle the climate emergency. You'll end the housing crisis and poverty. But billionaires and multi-millionaires will have to pay their fair share. Do you cross that box?

Trans and non-binary people belong in workplaces. Trans and non-binary people belong in schools. Trans and non-binary people belong in sports. Trans and non-binary people belong in restrooms. Trans and non-binary people belong EVERYWHERE. #RiseUpOct8 

You told us that respect, support and kindness are essential to #ENDviolence  online & in schools. We think so too. So join us on #FriendshipDay  and commit to kindness. Screenshot a template 👇, fill it in and share it with someone to brighten their day. #BTSLoveMyself  @BTS_twt 

Illegal immigration affects the lives of all Americans. Illegal Immigration hurts American workers, burdens American taxpayers, undermines public safety, and places enormous strain on local schools, hospitals and communities...

love this. "Schools in Norway move midterms so students can attend Justin Bieber concert"

We're utterly failing kids as a society when we build schools to accommodate shooters rather than students.

we got OKC tonight. held 200 tickets for students from some of the schools recently destroyed. hope they enjoy the show

I attended multiple high schools in 4yrs. Hawaii, Nashville and Pennsylvania. Everyone thought I was an undercover narc. True story. 👮🏾